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A Birthday Gift - by Asela K.(English Version)

A Birthday Gift

“Mr. Perera, you worked late today?” Ajith asked “Ms. Swarna said it was your Birthday today. You should be home celebrating.”
I smiled. “Yes, but what Am I to celebrate?”
“What do you mean? How old are you Mr. Perera?”
“How old do you think?”
“Well, 35….37? You don’t look that old.”
I laughed. “I was 35, ten years back.”
“Oh, you don’t look forty at all. Anyway wish you a very happy Birthday.” Ajith said extending his hand.

I took his hand and shook. At just 22 years Ajith who joined the company where I worked just a month ago as a security guard, was very active, full of energy and enthusiasm with a strong outward personality. He represented everything that was youth. Next to him I could not help but feel really old.

As of late my birthdays were becoming less and less of joyous celebrations and more of frustration. At forty five years I kept feeling as if I have reached some kind of milestone, a point of no return on a journey into a very lonely old age. A period in my life, I felt that I had nothing to look forward to.

“You work late everyday Mr. Perera. At least you should go home early on your birthday.” Ajith continued.

I smiled. Yes I have been working late, spending long hours in office. It was not as if I was overloaded with work. It was better than returning home to the empty apartment where I lived alone, especially on my birthday.

I left Ajith and stepped out of my office to find that dusk has fallen. I looked at my watch and saw that the time was almost Seven O’clock and decided to take the 7.43 train home. Although I could have gone home by bus a lot earlier, I decided to take the train home, as I wanted to reach home as late as possible.

The Station
I walked to the railway station and climbed the stairs with difficulty. Although I was physically fit, lately I have felt that I tire quite easily, the reason for which I thought was more psychological than physical.

Bambalapitiya Railway Station - By Daylight I approached the ticket counter and requested a ticket. There I encountered a man who looked as if he was carrying the entire weight of the burden of debt of the Sri Lanka Railways on his shoulders. Having issued tickets probably his entire life he looked at me as if I had asked for a vital body organ of his. The very sight of him was depressing. I collected my ticket and went on to the platform.

The evening was rather cool as a result of the rain that lasted the whole day. The platform was dimly lit with weak yellow lights, silent except for the loud sound of the waves breaking against the rocks that were laid along the beach, next to the station, protecting it from sea erosion. I could almost taste the salt in the wet air.

There were very few people about. Some were standing and others sitting on the few benches available. I went and sat on one of the benches and looked at the assortment of my fellow passengers waiting for the train.

It seemed that almost everyone was probably returning home after a hard days work. A good example to describe them will be the two teenages in school uniforms looking vary, probably on their way home after a full day of school followed by evening classes, trying to give themselves a chance in the rat race that the education system has turned into.

Looking at all of their faces it seemed that the whole world was as depressed and frustrated as I was, for many different reasons. Pain, anguish, agony and simple boredom showed in almost all of their faces. Except maybe on the face of one man who was sitting with two young children whom I assumed were his sons.
I heard the elder of the sons, who might have been around 12 or 13 years old relating graphic details of a cricket match which he probably had played in. I saw the proud father listen to his son’s exploits with half a smile on his face. At least for that moment it seemed that all his worries were forgotten. The man probably saw himself in his son, now achieving feats in life that he himself had failed in. But the fact remained that he was happy and contended at least for that moment and I was not.

The rest of the passengers too I imagined, would probably return home to their children, wives or parents and will recover from their current disposition.

I felt an incredible sense of loneliness when I remembered that I would be returning home to an empty house. These sights only resulted in furthering my sense of frustration.

The Dark Side
Suddenly, my attention was drawn to a person that walked on to the platform.
‘Government Servant’ was written all over him, from his leather DI bag to his clothes and the way he wore them. Reclining hairline gave me an indication of his age, which was probably closer to mine, but I comforted myself by thinking that I looked much younger and was in better shape.

He slowly moved along the platform, scanning the passengers as if he was looking for someone.

I knew that look. And I knew who or rather what he was looking for. Not finding it in the crowd he continued along the platform until he disappeared beyond a room housing some railway offices, beyond which the platform continued into darkness.

I smiled, as I also knew what lay at the dark side of the platform. I had been there before, many times. I knew in the security of the darkness there was lot more activity there than in this lighted section of the platform.

I reclined in my bench into a more comfortable position and started to count the railway slippers to keep my mind occupied when I was disturbed by the arrival of yet another person on the platform.

Totally in contradiction in appearance to the government servant I was now looking at a much younger face perched on top of 5 foot 7 or 8 inch lean but well defined frame covered with a chocolate brown skin, a very tight fitting black T’ Shirt, a worn out pair of denim jeans worn slightly below the hips and two sports shoes that seemed too big for his feet.

He looked as if he was in his very early twenties. His face was clean shaven accept for a slight growth under his lower lip which I knew was in keeping with the current style, in facial hair.

His left hand was laden with number of black strings tied around the wrist as well as a large silver coloured bracelet, more suitable for dog chain and a large silver ring on his thumb, all part of the teenage dress code. But the feature most prominent about him was a lock of thick curly hair enhanced and shining with hair gel. Put together it all made a picture of a rather attractive youngman.

He too started to scan the crowd. This excited me. Could he too be looking for the same thing that the previous person was looking for, I wondered.

My heart skipped a beat as suddenly our eyes caught each other and lingered on for a few seconds. His eyes moved away briefly to look back in a stronger gaze. A slight smile appeared on his lips. Was it a smile of recognition, I wondered.

Ever so slowly he moved along the platform, looking sideways at me. After he passed me he continued looking back in my direction until he too disappeared into the dark side.

I hived a heavy sigh. I felt a huge weight on my heart with a sense of excitement stirring within me. I desperately wanted to follow him, into the dark-side. I had not been into that part of the platform for a long time. I knew by experience that, what laid at the end of an exciting expedition into the dark-side was a frustrating destination.

But I just could not get away from my mind, the image of the beautiful human form that just passed in front of my eyes. I decided to take a risk, if at all to get another, a more, closer look at him and venture into the dark-side.

I got up from the bench and started slowly towards the dark end of the platform as leisurely as possible. Even with the many visits to the station and it’s dark-side I still felt a bit awkward. I always felt that everyone was watching me and everyone knew where I was going and why.

At the same time I had to hurry as I did not want to loose the person I was after to somebody else already there. I knew there were plenty of other occupants of the dark-side who waited for him or someone like him.

Despite the rainy weather that had prevailed throughout the day, the sky seemed to have cleared now and the stars were out and shining. But the moon seemed to have totally disappeared and the area was bathed in the cool blue light of the stars.

In the darkness I saw shadows standing at different intervals on the platform and specks of red spots suspended in mid air being the burning ends of their cigarette butts. Some were alone, others in groups of two or three. Still others moved around quite slowly almost like ghosts.

I moved forward towards them and felt immediately that I was under scrutiny.
It was not easy to locate the person I wanted in the darkness as I could not see anybody’s face. But suddenly a train approached the station passing the platform at high speed without stopping. All the occupants of the platform quickly reacted, by turning their faces away from the light emanating from carriages of the train as they passed by. But the light helped me to locate the person I was looking after.

Thankfully he was still alone. But there were a few others, who seemed poised to approach him. Quickly I moved in and stood next to him within talking distance but in silence. We waited a while.

Suddenly he shifted. Moving towards me, he walked around and behind me standing by my side with our hands almost touching.

Again my heart jumped as he spoke "Shall we go that way?” he gestured towards the rocks protecting the beach.

I looked at him in the dark but could not read his face. What was I getting myself into I wondered. He was very enthusiastic, a bit too enthusiastic. He must be a regular. It was also possible that he was looking for a monetary gain, as well, at the end of a physical one.

After some consideration I finally asked “For what?”

“What else?” he asked a bit aggressively as if annoyed. “What are you here for?”

I did not answer.

He startled me as he extended his very cold hand, took mine in his and took it to his crotch and pressed my hand firmly on it. “See, you can have a real good time.”

I withdrew my hand and smiled again. That’s it, I felt that this was going to be a one sided affair on my part. I would not have minded maybe on another day but not that day, my birthday.

“I’m sorry I really don’t feel like it” I said and started to move away smiling yet with a huge sense of regret.

“You don’t know what your missing man” he said.

But I kept walking towards the lighted section.

A Birthday Treat
“Hey wait.” He said suddenly as I moved a few feet away rushing towards me. I stopped and waited for him to come over. “Look…I’m…I’m sorry but could you spare 50 bucks, if you have.” He said.

“For what?” I asked.

He looked away as if in shame, waited for a few minutes and said “Uncle I haven’t had any thing to eat for lunch. I’m really hungry. Can you help out?”

I looked at him. This confirmed my earlier suspicion that he may have been after money all along. He was not dressed as if he was that desperate for money. It could very well have been that he was looking for money for drugs.

But as it was my nature I felt a bit sorry for him. What if he was telling the truth, I argued. He must really be desperate to go to the extent of asking for money, for food, at his age, provided of course he was telling the truth. I felt that I should help him out.

“O.K. if you haven’t had lunch, I’ll buy you dinner.” I said

“Err….No…… No….. I don’t want to bother you.” He replied quite hesitantly.

“No. It’s not a bother I also want to have my dinner. Come.” I invited. He remained silent for a while. “Well are you coming or not?”

He hesitated but then followed me, a step behind. We went out of the station and on to the main road, came to a restaurant, went inside and sat at a table in complete silence, other than when we exchanged our names.

He said his name was Amila

“Well, what do you want to eat?” I asked.
“Well, what if I say Buriyani?” he replied smiling.
“O.K.” I said and to his amazement placed the order.
“I…I was just joking,” he said smiling. “I mean I don’t want something that expensive.”
“Well too late now” I responded. We sat there in silence.

The food came and we started eating.

“Aiya… why are you doing this?” he asked. “I mean buying me food”
“Uncle had suddenly become Aiya” I thought to myself. “Maybe we think and see things differently on a fuller stomach”

“I….I hope you don’t think I’m some kind of beggar.” He continued.

“No. It’s my birthday today. I consider this my birthday treat. I don’t have anybody else to give a treat.” I said.

“Oh… o.k. …Happy Birthday then” he said extending his hand. We shook hands. “But, why aiya? Don’t you have a family? Aren’t you married?”
“How old are you?”
“You don’t look like your over forty.”
“I feel it. How old are you?”
“20” He said, making me realize that I was more than twice his age. “But why didn’t you get married?”
“Because, I didn’t want to.” I replied firmly. It was sometime since anybody asked me that question. This was one of the few advantages of being over 40. People stopped asking why you were not married which used to be the most popular question I was asked next to my name and place of work and residence.

“But I’ll definitely get married. I do this stuff for fun. I don’t want to end up like……” he hesitated.
“…like me?” I said smiling.
“No…No. What I meant to say was that although I do fool around with guys for fun I can do it with girls too and I like it. Here this is my girl friend” he said showing a colour photograph of a girl in her early teens, which he had in his wallet.

“Does she know that you do it with guys for Fun?” I asked smiling
“No. Of course not.” He said firmly looking quite offended. “It’s difficult to get a girl into bed. But as I said I’m not going to do this stuff forever.”

I continued to smile. “Who or rather why is he trying to convince me.” I wondered and said “You said you do it with guys for fun, but you do it for money as well right?”
He looked at me with a blank expression in his face. “Well…yeah. But I mean they don’t mind. I mean they enjoy doing the stuff to me….but I know I’m using them….”
I laughed. “Don’t flatter yourself kid. They are using you as much as much as your using them. They pay you to do what they like. If they enjoy giving a blow job then they are buying your cock. So, don’t f**king flatter yourself!”

He looked perplexed at my sudden outburst. It annoyed me to think that this type of young tykes should think that they can use US! Yes, I knew that I too have got used according to his definition. Sometimes you had to pay to get things that you could not get for free simply because either you were too old or not attractive enough or both. I always comforted my ego with this rational.

Amila spoke after along silence “I guess you must have thought that I might ask for money right? That’s why you didn’t want to do anything.”
“Not might kid. I knew you will. But no it wasn’t that. I would have paid for you.”
“Then I guess you don’t like to do it to other guys right?”
“Not really. I don’t mind for the right person.”
“Oh, then I’m not good looking is it?”
“No. You are very good looking”
No it’s just that, I’m really tired of quick sex. That’s all. I thought I wanted it when I saw you. But then decided I didn’t really want it, not today anyway”

The waiter came then and asked whether he could bring the bill or whether we wanted cigarettes.
“You want right?” I asked and after he smiled in response I said “Bring himsome.”
“How is it that you haven’t had lunch?” I continued.
“Well I was just hanging around the shopping mall the whole day. I finished my money.”
“I guess your not working, at least are you studying?”
“No. But I use to go to this computer class........” he said looking away.

I decided not to continue this type of questions to avoid embarrassing him. But he continued. “It’s not easy to find a job. I want to go abroad, to the middle-east. My father is also in the middle-east. I ‘m alone at home. I get bored at home and my mother starts to nag me. So I hang around at the mall with the guys. You know with AC and all”

We remained there in silence after that until he finished his cigarette. Then we got up walked out of the restaurant.

A Birthday Gift
“Did you enjoy the meal Amila?”
“Yeah, thanks. Thanks a lot.”
“O.K. then, I guess we can go on our own ways. You must be getting late to go home.”
I saw him watching me almost in a stare. “You gave me a birthday treat right? But I didn’t give you a birthday gift. So can I?”
I smiled. “Why what are you going to give me. I thought you didn’t have any money for even a meal”
“Well myself!” he said smiling. “I mean ….I mean… I don’t want any money or anything and we can do what ever you like. I mean I like you. Maybe I can make today a birthday you will never forget.” He smiled.

I too smiled quite surprised at this sudden sense of generosity. I looked at him. He seemed genuine in his offer. Therefore I decided to except it. “O.k. but where can we go.”

“To the tracks?” he suggested.
I thought for a second, considering the pros and cons of taking him home. I felt I could handle him. After all I should fully utilize this unexpected windfall. You could not do much on the rocks on the beach.

“No, will you come home with me. I live in Moratuwa, in my own flat alone. Will you get late?”

He agreed and we both boarded a bus and went to my home, an apartment in a semi-luxury apartment complex.

I unlocked the front door and entered switching on the lights.

“Wow! Nice place you got here” he exclaimed walking in. He started walking around the living room as if he had entered an art gallery or museum. “You must read a lot?” he said stopping at a large bookshelf filled with books.

“Of course, to stop myself dieing of boredom” I answered. The bookshelf was of course kept in the hall to add colour to the living room with the different coloured covers of the books and not to convey my readership. The books and a thousand and one curios, old period photographs, scented candles and stands of different sizes and shapes, earthenware etc., collected during my life time, costing me a small fortune, were liberally arranged around my living room. I went to great lengths to organize and re-organize these items in my small apartment where I spent most of my leisure time to add variety and colour, to my now rather monotonous life.

“Hey, you have other family members” he said looking at some of the family photographs hung on the wall. Photos of family and friends reminding me of happier times and events filling my living room walls were also for purpose of adding colour as much as to there sentimental value. “You should have gone to see them for your birthday.”
“It’s my birthday. Why bother them kid.”
“Well, all these photos of your friends, where are they? You should have had a party.”
“Me and my friends are also around my own age. We have given up celebrating our birthdays along time ago”
“Oh come on, I think your thinking too much about your age. Just forget it and have fun.”
“Look who’s turned into a counselor” I thought to myself. I felt the conversation was getting too personal, intrusive and rather depressing as well. After all we were just here to have sex.

“Why don’t you sit Amila and make yourself comfortable” I invited.
He sat on the couch and immediately proceeded to take off his T’ shirt. What was reveled was a beautiful torso. The skin a darker shade of brown covered a defined, hairless chest. Strong shoulders, slightly muscular arms and a flat six pack stomach added to make a very attractive upper body.

“Come sit with me.” he invited patting the space next to him on the couch he was sitting on.

I hesitated. I was very excited now. I went over to the television and switched it on thinking what my next move was going to be. Remembering that we have both probably had had a long day I quickly suggested, “Why don’t we get a body wash first? You must also be tired right?”

“O.K.” Amila answered and immediately got up and started to unbutton his denim.

“Err… come I’ll show you to the bathroom” I said and quickly led the way to my bedroom which had an attached bathroom.

Inside my bedroom he simply dropped his trouser and proceeded to remove his underwear, saying “We can bath together to save time.”

I laughed quickly looking away saying “No, you go first. There’s an extra towel in the bathroom.” I came out of the bedroom, quickly closing the door behind me.

I sat on my T.V. chair and I heard the sound of water running in the bathroom.

“Hey, this hot water is great.” I heard him shout.

I started to watch the film they were showing and found it hard to concentrate on it. Suddenly on seeing the film I realized that the time was 9.30. Being a T.V. addict, switching on the idiot box the minute I enter my apartment everyday to take away the otherwise deafening silence that I always encountered, I could virtually tell the time to the nearest half hour based on the programme that they showed.

I started to calculate. It would take another 15 minutes for him to finish his bath, another 20 minutes for me to finish mine and provided the sex was average another 30 to 45 minutes for that. Then it would be close to 11.00 p.m. when he would be able to leave. Could he find transport at that time? I wondered whether I might have to allow him to stay over.

As I sat continuing to watch the TV I was suddenly startled by a warm pair of hands that were laid heavily on my shoulders.

“Hi!” he said standing there over me behind my chair with his hands resting on my shoulders looking down at me as I raise my head upwards. He smelt fresh of probably all my deodorants and probably my body wash and shampoo as well.

“Perfect position for a kiss.” I thought to myself. He looked so desirable, looking down on me like that, a messed up lock of curls crowning his head. But all I managed to do was to say “Finished your bath?”

“Yeah the hot water was great.”

I got up and seeing him in a towel said “Err…I’ll get a pair of shorts for you.”

“Hmm…o.k. but I don’t mind staying like this, it won’t be for long no?” he said smiling.

I smiled “No, but I’ll get one anyway” And as I went I asked “Err… now it’s almost 10.00 Will you have buses later?”

“Yeah, I was thinking about that also, I don’t think I’ll get a bus from fort even now.”

“You can spend the night here if you want, but what about your parents?” I asked. coming back and handing over a pair of shorts.

“Oh I can call my mother” he said dropping his towel and putting on the pair of shorts quite casually. “We got a phone last month for my father to call from the middle-east. I’ll just say, I’m spending the night at a friend’s place. Can I use your phone?”

So staying over at unknown places was not an issue at home for him,I thought to myself.

“Alright then, as long as you don’t get into any trouble. I’ll go and get a bath, You call home and watch T.V. till I come.” I suggested.

As I went to my bedroom, shut the door and took off my cloths, I considered whether it was it was safe to leave him there in the living room on his own. Well his cloths were still here in the bedroom so he could not very well run-off with my DVD player or something in a pair of shorts with the apartment security watching. My wallet with money and credit cards were with me.

Seeing his denim on the bed, I went over and checked its pockets, where I found his wallet. It confirmed his story about having no money for a meal as I only found Rs. 25/= in his wallet. I checked his national I.D. to confirm his age. He had lied. He was 22 years old. But I was happy he was older than he told. His name was correct. Satisfied I replaced the wallet in the denim pocket and continued on to the bathroom.

I stood under the shower and opened the tap. The hot water hit me with enough pressure to massage my vary muscles. I really was glad on my investment on the hot water heater which though resulted in a high electricity bill, returned a heavenly experience especially at the end of a tiring day. I always felt aroused by the hot water running along my body and almost daily gratified myself standing under the shower. “But not today.” I said to myself. Hopefully there was much better fair waiting for me in the living room.

Cleansed and reinvigorated, I went over to the mirror and cleared it of the sheet of steamed that had formed on it and looked at myself.

For a moment I hesitated. "What was this guy really after? Look at me. I’m old, average looking, why is he here?” I asked myself “Certainly not out of attraction.” I shook myself. I had grown very cynical with old age. What ever it was I knew I would find it sooner or later. Meanwhile I had to enjoy what I had. I too applied deodorants and perfumes in excess of my usual practice and dressed myself in a saron.

As I opened the living room door I found Amila by the music setup going through the CD collection. He was startled as I approached him.

“Hey you finished? I was just going through your CDs you have got quite a good collection. Even some of the latest hits.”

“Yeah. I try to keep up with the latest music so that I can at least pretend to be young.”

“Oh come on. Not again about your age.” He said. We again sat in front of the TV, separately, him on the couch and me on my TV chair. “You know you should hang out, go out to parties and stuff.”

“I do.”

“I mean gay parties. Do you go?”

“No. It’s not for us. It’s for you young guys and I don’t want to go alone.”

“Well I could come with you. Only thing I mean you’ll have to buy me a ticket. Like, now don’t think I’m trying for a free ticket from you. It’s too expensive for me. But I’ll be with you for the whole party. But thing is you should go out and meet other gay guys. I mean you must have gone when you were younger”

I laughed. “We didn’t have gay parties when we were young. We didn’t have parties, we didn’t have Shopping Malls, or gay organizations and no internet. Now I hear there are even gay marriages in the country. It was a big thing for even few of us to meet together even for a drink.”

“Then how did you guys meet people to do it with?”
“Well mostly by chance.”
“Have you had…..you know had any affairs. You know with other guys.”
“Yeah, a few.”
“Didn’t find any one for a long time basis right? That’s the problem with gay guys right? They f**k around too much”
“I wouldn’t say that about everyone. Nothings forever kid”
“Hmm…don’t you want to start one now?”
“Maybe if I find the right person”

He gazed into my eyes for a moment before he shifted to the TV. If he was looking for any signs of enthusiasm on my part on the prospect of a relationship with him it was not there in my eyes. No my friend. No amount of killer looks is going to convince me.

We continued into silence. We were watching the TV for sometime when suddenly he broke the silence. “Look, we came here for something right? Like I have been trying to get something going but you don’t seem to want.”

I smiled, got up and went over to where he was sitting. He raised his head up and looked at me. Then I slowly bent down and tasted the sweet softness of his lips.

Bright & Beautiful Morning
I woke up the next morning to find the beautiful face of Amila lying on his cheek on the pillow beside me. His face appeared so peaceful and sublime, afar cry from the streetwise appearance I had seen the previous night.

So it had not been a dream after all, the beautiful experience of the physical intimacy that I shared with him. He was still here peacefully sleeping beside me, warm against my body.

I was in an extremely elighted state of mind as I got up to prepare breakfast. As I finished preparing a rather extravagant breakfast, which I was preparing especially with him in mind, I was greeted with a “Good Morning!” and a passionate embrace.

“Your finally up I see.” I said “Go and get a wash. I made breakfast for you.”
We were soon sitting and eating the breakfast.
“Hmm…. this stuff is good.” He said eating what he termed as his first English breakfast. “You’re a good cook.”I smiled at the complement. “Not only a good cook. Not bad in bed either.”

I laughed. “Not bad for my age?”

“Must be years of experience. Was I ok? Did you enjoy it?”

“Yeah you were quite good yourself. Must be experience too?”

“Oh come on Aiya, your always passing hints. You know, I have done it with guys my age. But it’s always better with experienced guys.”

We sat there talking. Our conversation was now more loose and relaxed. I then noticed the time and asked whether it was not better that he returned home.

He agreed and went to the bedroom got dressed and returned. We went over to the door way.

“Hmm…if you like we could do it again. If you want to, that is. Here’s my number you can call me” he said handing over a small piece of paper with his name and a telephone number. I took it and promised to call. Just before I opened the door we embraced once again, in more emotional, rather than sexual embrace.

He stepped out on to the corridor and I watched him smile and walk down the corridor which led to the stairwell, from where he waved before climbing down. I watched until he disappeared down the stairway and closed the apartment door with a heavy heart.

I was filled with a mixture of feelings of both elightment as well as sadness. I felt sorry to see him go but, did not feel the sad loneliness that other one-night stands left me feeling. It was a feeling of contentment.

I started clearing the breakfast table when I heard the door bell ring. Opening the door I was surprised to find Amila. He had a worried look about him.

“What's up? Did you leave something behind?” I asked.

He looked down at the floor in silence.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” I asked again now worried.

“I did something really wrong.” He said, finally.

“What?” I asked worried.

He put his hand in his pocket and drew out a plastic case, which I recognized as my digital diary. He held it to me and I took it.

I was flabbergasted.

“I’m really sorry. I don’t know why I did it. I’m really, really sorry”

I did not know what to say and finally managed “When did you take it?”
“This morning”
“Were you going to sell it?”
“No. Just to show the guys.”
“Why did you return it?”
“Look I’m really sorry. You were really nice to me. I felt like shit after taking it from you. I guess now you will never trust me or want to see me again.” He fell silent for a moment expecting me to respond and as I was speechless continued “I won’t bother you any more. I’ll go.”

And he turned around and started down the corridor.

“Wait, Amila.” I shouted. “Come here.”

He stopped and returned. “Here keep it.” I said holding out the digital diary to him.

He did not take it and looked at me with a look of amazement in his face. “No, no I…I…I don’t want it.”

“Take it, take it as a present from me. I also got it as a present and I don’t use it. I find it hard to use. Come on, take it. At least then it will not spoil what we shared last night, if I give it as present. Because everytime I see it I’ll only remember how you took it.”

He slowly extended his hand and took it. “I know you will never want to see me again.” He said still with his head held down.

I smiled. “I might, I might not. Just don’t steal things Amila, not from me not from anybody. I would have definitively given it to you if you asked. Respect other peoples property and their feeling. Even if we are gay. Now go, your getting late. I’ll call you sometime.”

“I’m really sorry Aiya.” He said and made his way to the stairwell slowly. Again I watched as he went down the stairs but this time with his head down.

I closed the front door and got back to my living room. Sunlight was now pouring into the living room, through the living room windows.

I went over to the window and opened it and a cool breeze hit my face. “Well, he did bring it back.” I told myself. He was just a kid. And I have had a very satisfying experience both physically and emotionally. I felt that the feeling of guilt that had made him come back was a compliment for me.

I smiled as I remembered the details of the previous night. I was watching the landscape through the window. Over hundreds of roofs I saw the glimmering waves of the sea in a distance alight and dancing in the bright morning sunlight. The previous day’s dark clouds had cleared. It was a bright and beautiful morning.

I remembered what a friend had told me about how good sex was relaxing and rejuvenating. He was right. But beside the actual physical pleasure I had experienced, I believe I had experience an emotional overhaul. Maybe during the time I had spent with a man half my age I must have absorbed some of his youthful enthusiasm, his energy and maybe his positive out look on life.

Whatever it was the feelings of depression and frustration that had laid, so heavily on my heart the previous day, were now lifted. Maybe I will in future too wake up to more beautiful mornings like that day.

I felt refreshed almost born again. Born again, on my birthday.

@ Authors request; his name is mention here as Asela K. 

Bambalapitiya Railway Station in Daylight.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

දෝරෙ ගැලූ සැප!.....By Roshan23

දෝරෙ ගැලූ සැප!

මගේ නම රොෂාන්. මම මේ සයිට් එකට අලුතින්ම රෙජිස්ටර් වුන අවුරුදු 23 ක කොල්ලෙක්. උඹලගෙ එලකිරි ස්ටෝරිස් කියව කියව අතේ ගහපු මටත් හිතුනා නිකන්ම ඉන්නවට වඩා මගේ එක්ස්පීරියන්ස් ටිකකුත් වචන වලට පෙරලලා මේ සයිට් එකේ පෝස්ට් කරන්න ඕන කියල.

කොහොම හරි මේ සීන්කෝන් එක උනේ මම කොලේජ් එකේ ඉයර් 13 ඉන්නකොට. ඒ දවස් වල ඉඳල ඉතින් මම කෙල්ලන්ට වගේම කොලු සීන්ස් වලටත් මාර ඉන්ටරසට්. හිහ් හීහ්! දන්නෙ නැද්ද....වයසෙ වැරැද්දනෙ.

ඉතින්, කොහොම කොහොම හරි මම කොලේජ් එකේදි ඒ ලෙවල්'ස් වලට කලේ කොමර්ස්. කොමර්ස් කලත් අපේ කොලේජ් එකේ ඒ ලෙවල් සෙක්ෂන්ස් ඔක්කම තිබ්බෙ එකම බිල්ඩින් එකේ, එකම තැනක.

දවසක් 11.15 ට විතර ඉන්ටර්වල් ඉවරකරන බෙල් එක ගහනව මට යාන්තමට වගේ ඇහුනා. උඹලත් ඉතින් ඉස්කෝලවල් වලට ගිය බුවාලනෙ. හිතා ගන්න පුලුවන්නෙ ඒ වෙලාවෙ මට මොනව හිතෙන්න ඇතිද කියල. හහ් හ හහ්! මම ඉතින් එදා ඒ වෙලාවෙ කාගෙ කෑම එකකට අත දාගෙන හිටියද මතකත් නැතිව, ඔය බෙල් එක ගහපු එකාගෙ අම්මවත් මතක් කර කරම ටොයිලට් එක පැත්තට දිව්වා. පස්සෙ මූනත් හෝදගෙන, හොඳට ෆ්‍රෙරෙෂ් වෙලා හිතුවා ඉන්ටර්වල් එකෙන් පස්සෙ පීරියඩ් එකට පොඩි කට් පාරක් දාන්න. ඔහොම හිතලා මාත් එක්කම ටොයිලට් එකට ආපු මගේ යාළු ෆිට් එකකට කිව්වා ක්ලාස් එකේදි මාව කවුරු හරි ඇහුවොත් මාව කවර් කරපන් කියල. කොහොම හරි එදා මම ඉන්ටර්වල් එකෙන් පස්සෙ ටික වෙලාවක් ලයිබ්‍රිරි එකට යන පාර ක්ලියර් වෙනකන් ටොයිල්ට් එකේ කොනේම තියන ස්ටෝල් එකේ පොඩ්ඩක් හැංගිල හිටිය. මොකද, පීරියඩ්ස් කට් කලා වගේ නෙමෙයි....සර් කාරයෙක්ට අහුවුනොත් සොරිම තමයි.

කොහොම හරි මට ටික වෙලාවක් යනකොට නිකන් යාන්තමට වගේ ඇහුනා ටොයිලට් එකේ දොර ඇරල වහන ශබ්දයක්...ඒ එක්කම ටොයිලට් එකේ ෆරොන්ට් දොර ලොක් කරන ශබ්දයකුත් ඇහුනා. මල හුත්තයි! සෙක්ෂනල් හෙඩ්වත් හොර අල්ලන්න ටොයිල්ට් එකට කඩාගෙන පැන්නද දන්නෙ නෑ කියල මම හිතුවා. ඒ වෙනකොට මගේ පපුව ඇතුලෙ සිම්බ්ල් ගහනව වගේ ගැහෙන්න ගත්තා. ඔහොම ටික වෙලාවක් ගියා...කිසිම සද්දයක් නෑ. මට ස්ටෝල් එකෙන් එලියට ඇවිල්ල බලන්නත් බෑ. නිකන් ඉල්ලන් පුකේ ටිං කිරි ගාගන්න ඕන් නෑනෙ.

ඒත් එක්කම එකපාරටම මට ඇහෙන්න ගත්ත ටොයිලට් එකේ තියන ස්ටෝල්ස් වලට අතින් කවුද තට්ටු කරගෙන යනව. අම්මෝ! දැන්නම් ෂුවර් මේ නම් සෙක්ෂනල් හෙඩාම තමයි. නැත්තන් මොන හුත්තකට ඔහොම තට්ටු කරගෙන යනවද?...ඒත් එක්කම මට යාන්තම් කෙඳිරිලි සද්දයක් අවා. මොන පුකක්ද!

ටික වෙලාවක් යනකොට අර කෙඳිරිලි සවුන්ඩ් එක ටික ටික වැඩි වෙන්න ගත්තා. දැන්නම් මට පුදුම කුතුහලයක් අවා. මම සද්ද නොකර හෙමිහිට මම හිටිය ස්ටෝල් එකෙ දොර යන්තම් ඇරගෙන හොරෙන් එලිය බැලුවා.


කොල්ලෙක් දනිස්ස ගාවට වෙනකන්ම උගෙ කලිසමයි ජොකයි බස්සගෙන, සින්ක් එකට හෙත්තු වෙලා දාගෙන අතේ ගහනව. නිකන් කොල්ලෙකුත් නෙමෙයි....ඉයර් 12 ප්‍රිෆෙක්ට් බුවෙක්...අපේ මල්ලි කාරයගෙ ක්ලාස් එකේ යාළුවෙක්.

කොහොම හරි ඌව බලාගෙන හිටපු මට තේරුනා මගේ ජොකත් ටයිට් වේගෙන එන බව. මටත් ඉබේටම වගේ වයිට් කලිසමට උඩින් මගේ පකට අත ගියා.

මම ආයෙත් අරූ දිහා ඕන කමින් බැලුවා. කොල්ලා උගෙ ඇස් දෙකත් වහගෙන තොලත් හපගෙන කෙඳිරි ගගා අත මරනවා. මම කොල්ලගෙ ජොකා දිහා ටිකක් ඕන කමින් බැලුව...කෙල්වින් ජොකෙක්. කොල්ලට ටිකක් ෆැෂන් සෙන්ස් එකකුත් තියන පාටයි.

මේ වෙනකොට නම් මට එකසිය ගානට නැගල තිබ්බෙ. ඕන පුකක් කියල මට බැරිම තැන් මම මගෙ කලිසමේ සිප් එක ගලවල කලිස්මයි ජොකාවයි එකටම පහතට බස්ස ගත්තා. හුකනව! මගේ ජොකා නම් ජූස් පාරක් වැදිලද කොහෙද හෙනම තෙතයි.

කොහොමහරි ඉන්න බැරිම තැන මම, මම හිටිය ස්ටෝල් එකේ දොර ඇරන් පකත් අතට අරන් ගගහම එලියට බැස්සා. ඒ එක්කම අරූට මම එන සද්දෙ ඇහිලද කොහෙද ගහන එකත් නවත්තල බයවෙලා වගෙ ෂොක් එකට මගේ දිහා බලන් හිටියා.

"රො..රො..රොෂාන් අයියෙ...මම...මම...මේ.........." ඌට එදා ගොත ගැහුන හැටි මට තාම මතකයි.

"බයවෙන්න එපා අමිල...උඹත් අත මර මර හිටියෙ..මමත් අතුලෙ අත මර මර හිතියෙ...උඹ ගහනව දැකල මමත් මේ එලියට අවෙ." මම අරූගෙ ෂොක් එක යන්නත් එක්කම එහෙම කිව්ව.

පස්සෙ කොල්ල මා දිහා බැලුවා. මමත් ඌ බලගෙන ඉන්න ගමන්ම මගේ අඟල් 7ක විතර පක එලියට අරන් කෙල පාරක් ටොපාට ගහල හයියෙන් ගහන්න ගත්තා. ඒ එක්කම ටික අමිලයත් ටික රිලැක්ස් වෙන්න ගත්තා.

දැන් අපි දෙන්නම එකින් එකා දිහා බලාගෙන කෙඳිරි ගගා අතේ ගහන්න ගත්ත. වෙලාව ගියේ ටිකයි ඇමිලය මම හිටගෙන හිටිය තැනට ඇවිත් මගෙ පක අත ගාන්න ගත්තා. හුකනව! මටත් ඕන කලේ ඕකම තමයි. මම මගේ පක අත හැරල අරූට ගහන්න දීල හොඳට දීගෙන හිටිය. පස්සෙ මමත් උගෙ අඟල් 6ක විතර සුදු ස්මූත් පක අතට අරන් ගහන්න ගත්තා.


ගතවුනේ ටික වෙලාවයි...කවුරු කාගෙ ෂර්ට් එක මුලින් ගැලෙව්වද දන්නෙ නෑ. මට මතක මම මුලින්ම අමිලයගෙ නිපල්ස් දෙකෙන් එකක් හපල සූප්පන්න ගත්ත බව විතරයි. මට තේරුනා පොරත් මගේ බෙල්ල, පපුව කිස් කරන්න ගත්ත බව. ඒ එක්කම මම දැක්කෙ අමිලය මම ඉස්සරහ දණ ගහ ගන්නවා. මට මුකුත් කියන්න හම්බවුනේ නෑ...මට තෙරුනා අමිලය උගෙ උනුසුම් තොලෙන් මගෙ ටොපාව පිරිමැදල ඇවිත් තිබුන ජූස්ටික පෙරේත කමින් ලෙවකනව. මට නිකන් දිව්‍යලෝකෙ ගියා වගෙ තෙරුනා.

"හුකනවා! නියමයි කොල්ල...අහ් අහ් අහාහ්! හොඳට දිවෙන් ටොපා අතුල්ලලා පක වල්ල ගාවට වෙනකන්ම බස්ස ගනින්......එල එල! ආයෙත් මචං......නියමයි!" මට කෙඳිරි ගෑවුනා.

"නියම පක රොෂාන් අය්යෙ....උගුරටම බස්සගන්න පුලුවන්.....ජූස් ආවම මාර රහයි" අමිලය කියව කියව මගේ පක ලොලවන්න ගත්ත.

ඌ කියවනව අහල මම තවත් මෝල් උනා...මම ඌව මගෙ පිටිපස්සෙ තිබුන ස්ටෝල් එකේ දොරට හිරකරගෙන උගෙ කටට කෙල පාරක් ගහල මගෙ පක උගෙ කට ඇතුලටම බස්සල කටේ හුකාගෙන හුකාගෙන ගියා. ඔය අතරෙ මම මගේ පක අමිලගෙ කටෙන් සැරින් සැරේ එලියට අරගන්න ගමන් උගේ මුළු මූණෙම අතුල්ලන්න ගත්තා. මගෙ ඇට දෙක, ජූස් බේරෙන පොල්ල මම පිස්සුවෙන් වගේ ඌගෙ මූනෙ ඇතිල්ලුවා. ඔහොම ටික වෙලාවක් මම මගේ පක අමිලගෙ මූණෙ අතුල්ලලා අයෙත් උගෙ කට අතුලටම මගේ පක බැස්සුවා. බස්සල ඌගෙ කොන්ඩෙන් අල්ලගෙනම මම මගෙ පකේ හුකා ගත්තා.

මමත් එන්න එන්නම මෝල් වුන නිසා කොල්ලගෙ කටට ටිකක් හයියෙන් හුකාගෙන ගියා. කොච්චර වේගයකින් උගෙ කටට හිකුවද කියනවනම්, මට වැඩියෙන්ම අහුනෙ ඒ වෙලාවෙ චක චක ගාල මගේ ඇට දෙක කොල්ලගෙ නිකට ගාව වදින සද්දෙ විතරමයි. ඔය අතරෙ, මම දැක්කා අමිලයගෙ කට දෙපැත්තෙන් කෙල බේරෙනවා...ඒත් මෑන් මගේ පක සූප්පන වේගය තවත් වැඩි කලා. මම මගේ කෙලයි ජූසුයි පෙරෙන පොල්ල අයෙත් උගෙ කටින් එලියට අරන් මගෙ ඇට දෙක එකටම අල්ලා කොල්ලගෙ කට ගාවට ලං කලා. කොල්ලා කෙඳිරි ගගා මගේ ඇට දෙක සූප්පන්න ගත්තා.

ඒ වෙනකොට මම පට්ටම මෝලෙන් හිටියෙ. මම කොල්ලව හිට්ටවල පිටිපස්ස හරවලා ඉස්සරහ තියන බිත්තියට තියල තද කරගත්තා. පස්සෙ මගෙ පොල්ල උගෙ සුදු රවුම් පුකේ දාරය මැදින් තියල මෑන්ට තදේට ජැක් පාරක් ගහන ගමන් මෙහෙම ඇහුවා.

"අමිල, මචං, පුකේ හුකමුද?..."

"මං කවදාවත් පුකේ ඇරන් නෑ බං...දැන් මොකෙක් හරි ටොයිලට් එකට එන්නත් ඉඩ තියනව"

"ඒකනම් ඇත්ත...දැං පීරියඩ් එක ඉවර වෙන්නත් ලඟයි. ඒ වුනත් කොල්ල, උඹේ ඔය සුදු බේරෙන පුක දැක්කම හුකන්නමයි හිතෙන්නෙ." මම අමිලයගෙ කන් පෙත්තක් හපන ගමන් කිව්වා.

කොල්ල හිනා වෙලා එහෙනම් ඉක්මනට ගලක් වත් කපමු කියල කියනව විතරයි මට ඇහුනෙ...මම ඉක්මණින්ම නැවිලා උගෙ ස්මූත් සුදු ගල් දෙක මැද ටිකක් ලෙව කාල, හොඳ කෙල පාරවල් තුන හතරක් ගැහුවා.

පස්සෙ ආයෙත් නැගිටල මගෙ ජූස් පෙරෙන පොල්ල උගෙ ගල් දෙක මැද්දෙන් තියල කොල්ලගෙ කිහිලි දෙක යටින් මගේ අත් දෙක යවා ගත්තා...දැන් පොරව පිටි පස්සෙන් බදාගෙන උගෙ කකුල් දෙක හොඳට තද වෙන්න ලං කරන්න කියල හෙමිහිට ගල් කපන්න ගත්තා. හුකන සැපක්! වැඩි වෙලා ගියේ නෑ, මම කොල්ලගෙ මූන පැත්තට හරවලා තොලක් මර මරම ගල් කපන්න ගත්තා.

දැං මම දාඩිය පෙරාගෙන කොල්ලගෙ කටේ දිව සූප්පන ගමන් අමිලයගෙ ගල් කපනව.මට ජූස් ඇවිල්ල තියන නිසාද කොහෙද මට තේරුනා මගේ පක හොඳට මෑන්ගෙ ගල හරහා කැපෙනවා. මම තවත් වේගය වැඩිකරන ගමන් කොල්ලගෙ ගැහෙන පක අල්ලල අතේ ගහන්න ගත්තා. මට වෙඩි වෙලා උගෙ පකට සැපක් දෙන්න හම්බවුනේ නෑ...එක පාරටම කොල්ල ගැහෙන්න අරන් කෙඳිරි ගාන්න ගත්තා. මම ඉවෙන් වගේ දැන ගත්ත කොල්ලට බඩු යන්න ලඟ බව. ඒ එක්කම කොල්ලගෙන් පැන්න බඩු පාරවල් දෙක තුනක් උගෙ ඉස්සරහ තිබුන ස්ටෝල් එකේ බිත්තියෙ වැදුනා.

මම අමිලගෙ බඩු පාරවල් වැදුන බිත්තිය දැක්ක විතරයි මට තේරුනා මගේ මුලු ඇඟම හිරි වැටිල යන බවක්. ඒ එක්කම මගෙන් පැන්න උනු උනු උකු කැරි පාරවල් 4-5ක් කොල්ලගෙ ගල හරහා විද්දා..මමත් අමිලව තදින් අල්ලගෙන තොල මර මර මගේ අන්තිම කැරි බිංදුව යනකන්ම කොල්ලගෙ ගල් කප කපම හිටියා.

ඒ එක්කම අපි දෙන්නටම ඇහුනා හයවැනි පීරියඩ් එක ඉවර වෙන බව හඟවන බෙල් එක.

"හුකනවා! මාර සැපක් රොෂාන් අය්යෙ" අමිල උගෙ ජොකා උස්ස ගන්න ගමන් මට කිව්වා.

"එල එල කොල්ලා...වෙලාවක රිලැක්ස් එකේ හොඳට වෙලාව අරන් සෙට් වෙමු." මමත් මගේ කලිසමේ සිප් එක වහ ගන්න ගමන් කිව්වා.

"අනිවා! වෙලාවක සෙට් වෙමු...මට උඹේ නම්බර් එක දීපන්..."

කොහොම හරි එදා අපි, අපි දෙන්නගෙ ෆෝන් නම්බර්ස් එක්ස්චේන්ජ් කරගෙන අපේ ක්ලාසස් වලට පිට වෙලා ගියේ අයෙත් ඉක්මනටම සෙට් වෙන සිතුවිල්ලද සමඟයි. මෙහෙම හිතපු නැති වෙලාවක හිතපු නැති විදියකට සැපක් ගන්න පුලුවන් වුන එක ගැන එදා මෙන්ම අදටත් මම පුදුම වෙනවා....ඒ ගැන මතක් වෙනකොටත් තාම මගේ පක එකසිය ගානට නගින එක ගැන එක අතකට මට දැන් එච්චර පුදුමයකුත් නෑ.

Cadet training - 01.....By Inuka

mama me site ekata aluth. Eth mama gay sex walata asa kalae iskole yana kale indalamai. Mata dan 30 yrs wenawa. Desent job ekek karanawa. Me wenakan charter wena wada mukuth set karagena nehe. Godak langin asuru karana 3 denek ekka withara set wela thiyenawa, echcharai. Mama Bodybuilding karana, 78 kg, usa 6 ft withara athi.
Me sidiya une mama year 11 innakota. Mama giye colombo leading school ekakata. Matai, mage yaluwekutai mara asawak (kasillak kiwoth niwaradi) school cadet team ekata join wenna. Ekata select karanne interview ekek thiyala. Api dennath giya.
Gihamai therune eke raga,. Mulinma apiwa cadet room ekata genihin introduce karala, physical traning 10 mins wothara karawala apahu room ekatama enna kiuwa.
Apith awa. Ethakota team leader ayya apita speech ekak dunna. Miniha kiuwe kohomada api eka ekata gdak colse wela inne kiyala.

Cadet team ekaka main theam eka winaya. Dicipline akuratama hiyena one. Tika kalayak yanakota senior, junior wenasak nehe.
Ape andum ganath captain ayya apita explain kala. Cadets la andina widiha machanla hamoma dannawane, wiyathak withara diga sudu shortai, T-shirt ekaine.
Apita thawath pahadili wenna, eya team eke inna member kenek issarahata gaththa, e ayyage nama Kavinga. mara hansome buwa. T-shirt eka yata karana widiha isarahen & pitipassen hondata pennala, captain shorta galawanna kiuwwa. Miniha andala hitiye sudu strap jock ekak. Captain api hamotama next time indala strap jock andina order kala. T-ekai, shortai galawal pati-joka pitin bola pukath eliyata dagen inna Kaviga ayya dakkala mata ekasiya ganata nagga.

Eeta passe api hamoma set une nxt traning date ekedi.

Eda training iwwara wela ape aluth set eka wash ganna awa. Aluth set eka 7 denai, senior ayyala 11 denai hitiye. okkoma training kala ekata. physicals waladi, captain apiwa senior ayyala 2 ekuge supervision ekata damma. Kotinma apiwa baradunna. Mawa allocate une, Kavingatai, Harshana kiyala thawa ayyekutai. Dennama sira. Mama Kavinga ayyata nam kohomath line, e wenakota.
Wash room ekedi, captain ayya hamotama langata katha kala...... Hamotama shorai, T ekai galawanna kiuwa. api 18 denama dan pati jokku pitin. Marama sira. Samaharu Black, godak aya white. Sira. Hamogema pukawal eliye. eka dakala mata ibetama nagga. Aulak nehe, pati jockage cup ekata paiyya hondata thada wena nisa katawath note nehe ekaparatama.
Api hamoma ekinekata lanwenna actvities goak kala.
Mulinma langa inna ekage joka strap eken adala langata ganna kiuwa. eka patta athal. eeta passe, cup ekata udin buldge eka atha ganna una. Mage athagawe Naveen kiyala math ekka join una aluth ekek. Mata nagala kiyala uta meter una.
After that captain kiuwa dan indala aluth ayawa aithi alocate karapu senior dennatai, egolanta apiwa closely look after karanna kiyala. Habai ganna onema athal ekak cadet room ekai, wash room eka athuledi withari kiyala. Mata dadiya damma, mokada godak ayyala ape aluth kollo set ekata kela hala hala hitiye. Dan thamai apiwa use karana unta chance padune...

ithin Kavinga & Harshana ayya mawath ekka wash room eka ta giya. Ape aluth eun thawa 4 withara unge ayyala (couples) ekka eke hitya. Anik aya cadet room ek athule. e wenakota wah room eke hitapu godak ayyala ape aluth set eke eunta pati jokath galawanna kiyala thibune. Oya athare senior ayyala keepa denekma me wadawalata against wele..mona pahara wadak da yako meka kiyala polla damma...eth Kawinga ayya wishesayaen unta against katha kala. "Umbalata mathaka nedda api awa dawasa? api hamoma lawwa langa inna ekata athe gassuwa. eken ape set eka kochchara fit unada ???? " Ohoma gaodak dewal kiuwa. Eth ayyala 3 denek wena wada thiyenawa kiyala giya.
Dan wash room eke inna api aluth set ekama ayyala tika eka peliyakata hitawwa. Ilanga command eka une hithapu widiyatama pati jockath galawannai. Monawa karannada. Amaruwen gallewa. Mawa dig dig gala gahenawa, okkoma damala gahala duwanna tharam hitha. Mokada me wenakota mata nagala lawata. Mata godak bayai yaluwange payyawal dakala mata nagi kiyala. Mokada e wenakotaht mata payyawal dakkama, Tv eke oya bodybuilding show ehema pennanakota hondata naginawa.
Dan aluth set ekama heluwen, eka peliyata, Sinno, pati jokku pitin karata ath dagena api issarahata wela hina wewi innawa. What to do,,

Ekekwath api kiyanaka harila balanne nehe, eka ayyek kiuwa. Un apiwa penna penna monawada kiyanawa. Elangata api 7 denawama side-by-side thiyala kelin issaraha balagenama, anik pathe ekkenage paiyen allaganna kiuwa. mama left hitiya eka (Ranga) payya alluwa. Eka nagala thibune nehe. Dan issarahatai, passatai karamin api athe gahanawa....Athatama apiwa athe gassawanawa. Dan mata ekasiya ganata nagala. Koi wele kari panida danne nehe ...

Ohoma tika welawak gahana kota eka denna kegahala badu yawanna gathta, matath ekamai une. Mama ride karapu Wihanga ge payyath kari widda, mage athen ekai. Dan nam goda denek game ekata satis, onna apita palaweni wathawata ape eha paththe inna ekakwa balanna chance eka hambu una, Ammata hudu, Kollo 6 denama, payyawal wanawana harima lajjawen eka eka diha balanawa, Hamogema athwala kari, api athe gassapu eunge ewa, e madiwata ape karith payyawal walin thama berenawa. Patta machan seen eka. Patama, patta.
Me athere mama hondata note kala Kavinga ayya man diha hamathissema godak asawen balagena inna bawa, kanna wage. Eeta passe apita raumata hitaganna una. ethndi, api atharen digama payya, mahathama payya thiyena kenawa thoranna thibune. E mama nam nemei macho.
Kohoma unath eda eeta wada deyak une nehe. api elangata shower 2 langata gihin api athe gassapu ekawa hodawanna thibune.
Oya widihata thamai maam cadet team ekata join une. Eda 1st day experience eken passeth eepa dawaskma api aluth set eka heluwen ayyal issaraha athegahanna sidu una. Eta amatharawa hamadama practice iwara unama apita ayyalwa massage karanna, specially thighs & buttocks mirikanna wenawa. Keepa dawaskma Kawinga ayya man lawwa thamai ewa karaganne. E hama welawema e yage pati joka atherin buldge eka mathuwela awith thibuna. Mata eka allanna hari asawak thibunath hithata haiyak thibne nehe………..
Oya athare December school vacation eketh apita practice thibuna. ka dawasak practice iwara karala mama yanna hadanakota Kavinga ayya mama langata awith, “malli, thama oyage physical Honda madi, api heta hawasa extra training tikak karamu kiwwa….” mokada mata steps waradunoth Kavingai, Hasanjaya ayyai dennama ekata waga kiyanna one nissa, (mokada 1st day ma apiwa ayyala dennekuta allocate karapu nisa) Mama “Ha” kiuwwa.
Next day mama yanakota cadet room eke lock eka arala doora close karala thibune. Kokatath mama thatuwak damma, menna Hasanjaya ayya dora areya. Amuthu widiyata mage diha balala athulata andagahuwa. Athule Kavinga ayya, Ravi (mage yaluwek, math ekka cadet team ekata edama join unu) lawwa Dips gassawanawa. E wenakan mama Ravi wath, Hasanja ayyawath athi kiyala hithuwe nehe. Mata hondatama upset, dan nam sakayakuth hithata awa….
Kavinga matath dips Gahanna kiwwa. Mama cadet walata andina shorta dagena Ravita join una dips gahanna. 10, 20, 30 meka iwara wena patak nehe. Api dennatama hathi watuna. Eka dakapu Kavinga ayya nagitala awith “dennama nagitinawa, galawanawa shortawal” kiwwa. Apitath full Holman. Monawa karannada, gallewa. dan Ravi, mamai pati jokku pitin. Eeta passé apita ayeth dips gahana position ekata bima diga wenna kiyala, ayyala denna hitagena api dennage jokkunge pati walin adala alla gaththa. Dan mage payya hondatama thada wenawa, thonduwak damma wage, monawa karannada… Un denna udata adidi api polawata bara dala dips gahanawa..ohoma raunds keepayak karala api dennata nagitinna kiuwa..

“Dan umbalage warm up iwarai…ehenam wada patan gamu” Hasanjaya ayya hinawela, Kawinga diha baluwa. Kawinga tikak wela kalpana karala, “ Umbala denna ape platoon ekata mulinma apu dawase api rage eka dennakota hondata note kala umbala dennagema payyawal, kollo heluwen innawa dakkama nagala thibuna hati..Ravi mama keepa dawasakma dakka umba anik ewn heluwen nanawa asawen balan hitapu hati…” Mama pudumen ravi diha baluwa. Mokada e wenakota mam iskole kisima widihakin sex seen walata mattu welawath, yomu welawath thibune nathi nisa…..Ravi lajjawan bima balagaththa. Mata dan wade theruna.
Hasanjaya ayya kiyanawa “Umbala dennata eka apen wahanna behe, was an karanna oneth nehe. Mokada giya aurude api denna mekata join weddith api andunagena thibune nehe. Eth eeta passé api Honda yaluwo……nadda machan” kiyala Kawinga ayyawa badagena tholak damma, api denna issarahama……. Eeeeta passé miniththu kihipayakin ayyala dennath jokku pitin. Hasanja ayya baby oil ekak coupbord eken aran api dennage pitatai, chest ekatai wakkala, “Hondata angawal wala athulla ganin” kiyala kiwwa. Eyath athata aran ape pati jokku wala issaraha cup eke hondata wet kaka, mirikana gaman. Dan api dennatath ekasiya ganata nagala…………!
Kavinga ayya kiyanawa “ Malli patiyo, api tharangayak thiyamu…umbala denna dan hondata bima diga wela porakanna one, ethendi, mulinma anith ekage joka galawala hari, irrala hari dala, mulinma pukara diwa hari, angilla hari dana eka dinum………….mmmmmmmm, uta puluwan onenam anikata puke arinna, e wagema api dennagen ekkenekwa isselama thoragann..” Mokada kiyanne. api monawa kiyannada, Porabadilla patan gathta………
Dan mamai, Ravi ekinekawa bada ganimin bima peralila porakanawa. Ayyala denna Jokkunge cup walata udin payyawal athagaga balan innawa. Mohothakin mage hithata puduma awegayak awe. Ravi echchara muscular body ekaka thiyena ekek nemei. Mata wada body wt. ekath adui mage hithe. Mama mulu warama yodala raviyawa mage bada udata gaththa. mokada mama uda hitiyoth uta mage joka kadala danna lesi ne. Eth wade echchara lesi nehe. Mokada baby oil walata ape angawal hondata lissanawa. Hariyata lissana gahe yanawa wage. Thawa tika welawak wali kala mama Raviyawa ayeth mage anga udata gathta. Eka athak uge kakul deka atharin yawala, payya jokata eliyenma mirikala alla gaththa. Uta kegahuna. Pau,miniha Honda ahinsaka eka, monawa karannada, meka tharagayak ne, kauda kamathi nikan puke arawagnna…. Me aththamai kiyanne mama adatath mage ass hole eke athule karanna katawathma deela ne. E kale nam mama keeyatawath ekata kamathi nehe. Habai dan nnam magema wena kenekuta, mata denna bari deyak nehe. (Mama Top.)
Payya ekaparatama mage athin lissala giyath mama ravige ata deken thada karala alla gaththa. Eth ekkama mama eka husmata uge pati joka, pati deka awith issarahata join wena mulin kadala damma. Mala wage joka aruna. Uge kelin wechcha, oil berena payya eliyata panna. Eka parata raviyage dagalilath adu una, mama pama nowi mage eka athak uge bella wate yawala grahanayta gaththa. Dan miniha surrender. Mage anik athin uge bageta wage nagala thibunu payya wegen aththe gassala, tikak riddenama topa gassuwa. Ayeth uta kagassuna. Mamath sathutata kendiri gawa.... Sathuta, Baya, Mahansiya, Lajjawa me okkomath ekka. Harima amuthu hangeemak eka. Uge Rosa pata topa mama athin pirimadda. Hasaja ayya wisil parakuth gahuwa. “Ok, malli, ela”

Mage awadanaya ekata yomuwechcha thapareta Raviya mawa yata karagena anith pathata haruna. Mage bella godak tharahin hirakarapu man, mge papuwata gahuwa. Kawinga Ayya uta sara kala. “me malli, sellan karanakota balu wada epa. Umbath galopan kohoma hari uge joka…” Kiwwa wagema wadi welawak yanna kalin mage jokath patiwalin adala kadila giya. Ekasiya ganata nagapu, 6 inch withara mage payya dan eliye. Thel berena payya tharahen mirikapu Raviya, puduma wegen topa gahuwa. Mata athtatama kegehuna, anduna. Mama hithuwa payya iruna kiyala. Puduma dawillak awe. Habai eken kohoma hari tharange dinana one kiyana feeling eka awa. E apu awegetama mama kegahagena ayeth Ravi badagena dangalamin bima perelenna gaththa. Tika welawakin Ravi ayeth mage anga uda. Dan api dennage paiyyawal ekata wadinawa. Ethendi athtatama apita sex athal ekakatath wada puduma awegayak thibune. Habai Kavinga, Hasanja ayyala me seen bala bala Honda athal gannawa, athe gaha gannawa, kendiri ganawa, eka wikarayai. Kohoma hari maam issara una. Ravi ge puke peeramin hila hoyagathta mama thadakarala mage angillak gahuwa. U ekaparatama gassenawa mata danuna. Ethanin nonawathunu mama angili dekak dala karakuwa. Sathutin Hooo thiwwa. Marai. “Ado kariya, tho paradai” mata kiyaune ehemai. E thendi mama ehema hasirunath me tharangayen api denna ma parade bawa watahune kalekata passé. Mama Ravi badagena eda wechcha me sidiyata samawa illuwe eka sarayak nemei. Me aththamai…….!
Kohomahari mama dinuwa bawa thahauru una nisa Raviya nagitta, mamath amaruwen u wa thalukaramin nagitta. Idiriyata apu Kavinga ayya mawa badagaththa. Uge payya pati joka paththakata karala eliyata aran thibune, athe maranna. Ekath dan ekasiya ganata negala. Raviyai, Mai ath deken allala depaththata karapu Hasajaya ayya mage atha ussala dinuma dunna “Muu dan umbe, inda allaganin”, mage atha Raiyage payya udin thiyala thada kala. Ekath ambanakata negala, miniha paradila tharahin hitiye. Mama tika mirikala topa hariyen alluwa, mokada mage payyata wada deepu waduwa gannath ekka. Paw, miniha mage diha nobalama, bima balagaththa. Mata theruna Raviyata andanna langa bawa. Monawa unath api kollone, mehema chater wela nehene. Mage hithata awe puduma hangimak. Godak adaren Raviwa badaganna hithuna, U wath adagena me kamaren eliyata duwala yanna hithuna…… Eth ayyalage widanaya une “Huththo…balan inna mokada, patanganin gema”.
Monawa karannada. Meka mage wada peenana chance eka. Echcharai mage galaweema. Mama Raviya oluwen thada karala allagena mage issaraha dana gassewwa. Onekarana de therumgathtu man, wadi peraththayak nathuwama mage payya hondata suck kala…….topa,polla, mulatama wenakan diwen pirimadda Ravi, mage ata dekath suppu kala. Dan niyama sexy feelings matath awilla. Mata kendiri gawuna…. “Homdata karapan mage patiyo” kiyala mama Ravige oluwen allala hondata mage payya kate ebuwa. 5 mins withara mauth fack karapu mama, Ravi nagitawala aran thol deka kiss kala.
Meka dakapu ayala "ado umba, purudukarayek, ehenam” kiwwa.
[ Deiyan palla aththamai e wenakota mama ekama wathawak mage iskolen pita yaluwek ekka witharai set wela thiyenne. Ekath ithin me ath marukaragena athe gahala, heeniyata tholak danna witharai.]

Mamai, Ravi denna thel walin nawichcha nagawal hondata badagena degata thola damma… Kavinga, Hasanjaya ayyalath apiwa athagamin, pukawal mirikamin cheer eka dunna. Hathara denagema ayyawal hondata moll wela thibune. Athal wadikamatama kendirith gawenawa. Porabadal, apita hondata dadiyath dala, ewath ekka ange gapu baby oil mix wela awe amuthu ganadk…echcharama aulakuth nemei eka. Mama ravige nipples lawata mirikala, suck kala. Mulu angama pirimedda, godak lan wela. Payyen mirkala allagena ape cadet room eke thibunu table eka langata adagena giya. hariyata balu patiyek danwelen adagena yanawa wage. Mechchara wela sirawatama math ekka sex karapu Ravi, uta puke arinawata nam poddakwathma kamathak thibune nehe….”Ane, machan, pls ekanam epa” ehema balmak thamai e mune thibune. Monawa karannada, math asaranai ne. akamathen unath U wa anith patha harawala, puka passata dala, issarahata nawila meseta baradena widihata minihawa mama position kala. “Athkarapan huththo, kakul deka” e widanaya Kavinga ayyagen. Ravi kakul ath kala. Baby oil walata dilisena, 6 inch withara, topa gahichcha payyai, ata dekai dan kakul deka atharin ellenawa. Patta seen eka, eka. Wallai, payya watetai mail hondata wawila, eken thawath lassana wadi. Mama beby oil bottle eka arala Raviyage thatam deka uda indala pahalata watenna wak kala. Oil puka madden galagena awith ata dekai, pyya pitipassatai berenawa. Ehema berena thel ath dekenma aran hondata athullamin mama uta honda sepak dunna. Ata deka, walla, payya dan thel walin dilisenawa. Thatam deka mirikala, himita palal karapu mama, e atharin berena oil Ravige hila wate gawa. Hondata hila awata mage angili walin kulmath kala. Raumata raumata thel gaga angili karakawapu mama, angili walin karanna patan gaththa. E hila marama tight. Kisima payyak werdilawath e hilatanam meeta kalin behela nehe, eka sure. Ehema karadi, Ravi wedanawen kendiri gan awa. 5 mins wage karapu mama, ayyala dennage muna diha deluwa. “Moko, dan athida……….ochchara apu eke hukalama iwarakarapan” e Hasnja ayya. Kavinga ayya mukuth kathawak nathuwama, baby oil athata aran mage payye gala, thawath hondata massage parak dunna. Uparimayata nagala thiyena mage payya dan thel walin dilisenawa. Mage pollath dan lasthi, Hilath ready….eth hile owner ayyal dennatama godak begepath wenna gaththa. “Ane aye ona ekak karanna, mekanam epa” . Matath mara upset.
“Kata wahapan huththo, tho paradane… mulinma kiwane tharange neethi, ekata umbath kamathi unanae” e KAvinga ayya. Mona kamathak da. Api dennawa balen ma ne mekata yomu kale. Eth ewa kohe kiyannada, api dennama hugak asaranai ne e welawe.

Ithin dan mage me sudanama Raviyata back karanna. Eka mage aramuna nownath, mata ana labila thibune ekata. Eth mata ekaparatama oluwata awe…..mama e deya kaloth aniwaryenma matath e deyatama Ravigen saha kohomath Ayyala dennagen windinna siduwena bawa. Mama eken walakunoth witharai matath puke aragnne nethuwa berenna podi hari chance ekak labenne.
Mohothak mehema hithapu mama ….Raviyata kittu una. U meseta bara degena, kakul dekath ath karagena puka degena innawa. Mama atha dala uge payyen allala mirikuwa. Hondata hand shake ekak dunnu mama ata deka pirimadda. Eta passé mage polla ata deka athere thiyala galak kapanna set una. Winadi kihipayak Raviyata gala kapapu mama …dadi awegayen athe gahala kari yawagatha.. In passe raviyage payyath athe gassala badu yawanna bata wadi welawak gatha une nehe. “ehenam umba uta puke arinne nehe” Hasanja ayya tharahen ahawwa. Mama bohoma bagapathwa ayyala dennage ath allagena “ ane aye, puke arinawata api dennama kamathi nehe ne…pin aithi wei apita yanna denna “ kiyala illemak kala. Tikak kalapana karapu Kavinga ayya “ hondai ehenam thopi dennama ekathuwela api dennata athal ekak deepan” kiwwa. Thawath bala inn aberi thena api denna ayyala dennage langata giya. Mama kavinga ayyage pitipassen gihin ath deka anga wate yawala bada gaththa. mulu anga purama atha gagena giya mama himita pati joka galawala iwath kala. Ammo….7 inch withara diga ayyage pyya ekasiyagnata nagala thibune. Mata asawe behe. Mage paththat ayyawa harogathu mama nipples deka maruwen maruwata suck kala. tika tika diwen rasa than soyamin pahalata giya mama payya ath dekenma allagen hondata suppu kala. Ayya dan kendiri ganawa. Mehema tika welawak karadi ayyata badu yanna langai kiyala mage kata athulen payya eliyata aragena wegayen athe gahala badu tika yawwa. Mawa godak aderen langata aragena badagathu kavinga ayya mata godak wela tholak damma…… E athere raviyath Hasanja ayyage kari pannala thibune.
Tika welawak maruwen maruwata thol dagaththa api…shower ekata gihin wash ekak dagena gedara yanna pitathuna,

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Aiyala denni mamai.......By boole

me kathaawa aththama aththa kathaawak. meeka sidda unee colombo kittuwa. ethakota api jeeewath unee kolaba kittuwa gamaka.
mage wayasa me wenakota 14. a kiyanne 1999. api normal family ekak. apee gewal kittuwama innawa apee ammage nangi. eyaalata apita wadaaa salli thibba. a gedara api nitharama yanawa. me gedara innawa nawathila (boad) wela aiyala thun denek. dennek thalaelalui. anith ekaaa nam suduma sudui.
mage wayasa 14 unaata mage aga patha godak hadila thibune. a wageema mama jimnaastik ehema karanawa . gedara nikan innakota unath mata baltiyak nogaha inna baha. maara wisayak mata a dawaswala thibune. nikan innakota gedara ulu asse hari mama ellenawa. a magee hati.
kohoma hari mata kiyanna oone mechcharai. mamath awankawama thala elalu lassana kollek.
ara aiyala 3n denaama hitiye ekama kaamareeka.nidaa ganneth ekama adee. eeka loku adak. nalinda.sudeepa, jayantha jayantha kiyana ekaaa nam suduma sudui. a unaata u harima napuru patai. anith un denna maara gathi . sudu nath unaata.
unge wayasa a kaaledi 26k wagee athi. okkoma un nuwara. ithin tiken tika mata un thun denaa gana aasawak athi unaaa. eeeth mata bayai. kisima kenek adatawath hithanne naha mama subject ekata innawa kiyala. mokada mama adatath kello ekkath inna nisa. kawadaawath mama chater welath naha. mata a aiyala thun denaa gana ehema sex karanna aasawak athi unee ai kiyala adatath mama danne naha.

thawa ekak kiyanama oone. mage 1st sex story eka nemei meka. meeka dewani eka.
kohoma hari dawasak apee ammala giya appachchige gamee. mama witharai gedara. ithin mata witharak thaniyama inna bari nisa mama giyaa apee gewal wahala punchilage gedara. ra 7 ta withara giye. ammala mata kaama hadala thiyala giye.
mama punchilage gedara yankota punchilath gedara naha. eyaage mahaththayage gedara gihin. ara aiyala 3n denaagen 2k witharai inne. a kiyanne thalaelalu denna witharai inne.(nalinda/sudeepa) kiyana aiyala.
eeta passe unee menne mee wagee debasak.
" a malli mokada me welaawe"(nalinda aiya)
"ammala gamee giya. mama witharak nisa aawe. punchila ko?"
"punchilath puthaa ekka sadun aiyalage gedara giya." (sudeepa aiy)
sadun kiyanne apee punchige mahaththayage nama.
punchi kohe hari yanakota kaamara seeerama lok karala yanne. saale witharak open ekee thiyalayanwa aiyalata Tv balanna.
A ekkama maara widiyata wahinna gaththa. tika welaawak tv bala bala idala mata sarin saree putuwa udama ninda yanawa. eka paratama gasila aharuna.
a nalinda aiya kathaaa karala kiwewa.
"malli hodatama wahinawa. nidimathanam gihin apee ada udin nidaa ganna." ada jayantha aiya naha kiyala." mama thanks karala kamak nadda kiyala ahala nidaa ganna giya.
habai mama a ada udata giye sex karanna hithaagena nam nemei. maara nidimathai. a nisai nidaa ganna giye. a aiyalath mata godak adarei un hoda ihala job karana un. a unaaata unta kello peeenna baha sewala halanawa.
ithin mama wassa unath t shirt eka galawala ada udin nidaa gaththa. hodata ninda yaagena enakota. mage hitheeee mokakdoo manda wal kamak uda enna gaththa. me wenakota ra 8 withara wela.
mama dan adee maddatawenna nidi. ara aiyala dennath da tv eka off karala room ekata aawa. mata oone dan me wenakota mun dennawa sex walata ganna. eeth bayai, horek wagee mam nidi wage as deka wahagena hitiya. nalinda aiya dam paata saramak saha sudeepa aiya kotu kotu paata paata saramak adagena hitiye. untath mata wage tshirt adan nidaa ganna baha. wassa unath unuth mama wagee.
ithin dan mage wam paththata sudeepa aiya aawa. dakunu paththe nalinda aiya. table light ekawithrak daala thiyenne room ekee. eekath harima adurui. ithin dan ohoma thawa 15 winaadi aiyala denna office ekee deeewal ganai, kello ganai kathaa kara kara hitiya.
mata dan inna baha nikamma mool welaa. mata innama bari thana mamanidi gaanata nalinda aiyage papuwata athak damma. sex karanna set unaata. mata hoda experiance ehema naha. kohomahari mama nalinda aiyata atha daanawa sudepa aiya daka. u kiyanawa
"muge agapatha loku unaata, balti gahuwata hena podi ekaaa ban."
nalinada aiya" hmmmmmmm kiyala" nikan hitiya. mage atha eeth ain kareenaha. ugee beshirt eka aragena maaawath perawala daagaththa.
ohoma innakota mama nalinda aiyage pathtthatama harila thawa thawa kittu unaaa. dan un dennama hodatama nidi.
mama magee nagapu paiyath nalinda aiyage kakul dekee gaanawa dan. eeth uuta notheerenna nidi wagee. thaaamath mage wam atha nalinda aiyage aga uda. mama nidaa gathth short ekak adala. mokada mata saram adala purudu nathi nisa.
tika welaawak yanakota mata thawa thawa inna bari unaa. mama nalinda aiyawa thadin bada gaththa. thaamath gorawa gorawa wahinawa. eka paaratama nalinda aiyata aharuna. mama eeka adana gahthe uuu"chek" kiyala sada karapu nisa
eeth habai uuu mage atha ain kalee naha. mata maara happy ithin. mama eeth wena mokuthnam karanna giyema naha. mokada mata godak bayai ehema karanna nisa.
mama dan dannawa nalinda aiyatath danenna athi mage paiya nagala kiyala. mokada uu adan inne saramak nisa. passe ekapaaratama muu mage paththata haruna. harila muuth athak daagaththa. dan dennage paiyawal deka laga laga. maaawa dan gahenawa. mokada aasai bayai nisa.
passe nalinda aiyath magee agata athak damma. eeth uuu magee paiyata ugee paiya kittu kalee naha. gorawanawa wadi nis. mama eeken prayoojana gaththa. mama nalinda aiyage baawa lagata mage baawa kittu karala wam athin eyaawa thawath badaa gaththa.
muuta tika tika nagagena enawa kiyala mata hodatama theeruna. eeth mama podi eka nisa aiyege baawa allanna baya hithuna. tika welaawakin muuu(nalinda aiya) maawa ugee lagata adala aran thada kara gaththa. ugeee baawa hodata dan magee baawe athilenawa. dan tika tika u hukanna wagee paiya ta paiya wadina dan fuck karanawa. harima hemin.
mu iita passe eka paaratama mage atha aragena ugee baawa udata thiba. maara saiz eeka. agal 8k withara athi. mokada mage athata wadaa mahathi. mama klinuth kiwewewa . mageee agath wayasata wadaa hadila thibbe. ehema welath Nalinda aiyage baawa mage athata wadaa mahathai. digai. passe muuth mage baawa allanna gaththa. dan mata 100 nagala. dan dennata denna athee gaha gannawa, aiya mata gassanawa. mama uuta gassanawa. dan nalinda aiyage ageee sarama naha redda witharai dennagema agee thiyenne.
sudeepa aiya hodatama nidiyan a welaawe hitiye.
eka paaratama akunak gahuwa. api denawath gassuna(nalinda aiya/mama)Sudeepa aiyath a ekama nagitta.nagitala light eka daala uge phone eka charge wenna gahala thibba eka galewewa. mama hithuwa iwarata iwarai u seerama dakka kiyala light eka daapu nisa.
passe muuu light eka nimala apeee agee wadiiigenaugee paththata giya nidaa ganna. uuu nalinda aiyata kathaa karala kiyanawa.
" adoo nalinda uba podi ekaata set welaa needa? ubeee puka eliye redda ain welaa ubee puaka patthen dan." mage aga nikam seethala welaa giya. nagala thibba paiya nikamma bassa.
" nalida aiya ek paratama nagitala light eka damma.
daala sarama daa gaththa. mama dan thaama nidi wageee. nagitala. kelinma mu magee aga udata nagga. nagala maawa ibinna gaththa. thol uranna gaththa. mata bayai dan eeth mu kisim gaanak nathuwa wadee.......
passe sudeepaya " hukanno muuu gedarata kiweoth nikan inna wenne." sudeepa aiya kiwewa.
"muuth baduwak ban" (nalinda kiwewa")
tika welawakin nalinda aiya ugee sarama paththakata wisi karala maaawa thol walin themanna gathth. sujith aiyath eka paaratma panala magee baawa katata gaththa. uu kiyanawa. "mugee usa mahatha wageema thamai paiyath ban" " muu podi naha ban. balapanko baawe saiz eka."
dan nam mata hodatama nagala. sujitha aiyatath nagala. sujith aiyage baawa agal 7k withara athi. topa rathuma rathui. Nalinda aiyagenam topa kalui. mage baawa agal 6 1/2. aththatama.
ithin passe dan nalinda aiya mageee thol urala eka paaratama mata katata dunna. mage katata daa ganna baha mata eeka. maara saiz. sujith aiya mage eka uranawa. eeeth mama as wahagena dan. lajja nisaa saha baya nisa.
sujith aiya kiyanawa "baya wenna epaa malli as arapan" apith kello hitiyata idala hitala me subject eka karanawa kiyala"
" api dennath set wenawa ban idala hitala" habai kollo jayantha aiya ekaepaa. ubeee kana kudu karai. uuu oya subject walata aasa naha."
kohoma hari thaamath nalinda aiyage paiya mage kateee. ugee juice wagee deyak magee katee beerenawa dan athule.
mama eeya kiwewa. passe muuu ehema thamai thawa kaalekin ubatath oowa yanawa kiwewa. " a love jiuce"
passe sujith aiya dan mata gal kapnna laasthiya. Nalinda aiya sujith aiyata thola danaanawa. mata nam hithaa ganna baha dan. pissu wage.

sujith aiya dan sarama wisi karala amu hluwen mata gal kapanawa. nalinda aiya mata katata denawa. passe sujith aiya maawa ugee aga udata daagena mata kapanna kiwewa. mamath kapuwa. a kapana gaman sujith aiyata nalinda aiya katata denawa.
passe Nalinda aiya eka paaratama ahhhh ahhha ahhhh kiyala kaa gahanna gaththa. sudeepa aiyage katin paiya eliyata aran iyanawa" sudeeepa mata kapapan"
dan aiyala denna kapanawa. passe maaawa adala aran nalinda aiya mage paiya katata daagaththa. passe mamath nalinda aiyata kapuwa. passe maaawa bima daagena denna sudeepa aiya gal kpanawa. nalinda aiya katata denawa. nalinda aiya eka paaratama kaa gahanna gattha. passe sudeepa aiyath mata gal kapana eka nawa thala danagahagena athee gahanna gaththa. dan thun denaama athee gahanawa . mama nidaagena anith denna dana gahagena. eka paaratama nalinda aiyage badu magee papuwa udata widda. uuu "aaaahhhhhh ahhhhhhh ahhhhhhhh" ugeee kari 5L withra mage aga uda. a ekkama magee baduth widda. kelinma sudeepa aiyage papuwatai. muunatath wsi una. uuu yanthamata hinaa wela athee gahanawa dan konda namaagena. nalinda dan uttta thola daanawa. eka paaratama uuuth ka gahagena magee paiya udata ugee badu haluwa. passe un dennama mata thola daanawa. eee seen eka maara aathal mata.
passe winaaadi 5k withara thol damma. eeth mage paiya bahinne naha. adatath mage hati ehemai.badu giyaata passeth thaamath mage paiya 10 minits withara nagalai thiyenne.
aiyala denagenam m weakota baawa akilenna aran. dennagema eeth laawata kari beerenawa. un denna mage paiyata wihilu kara kara baaath room ekata maawa ekkan gihin thun denaawa wosh ekak daagena nidaa gathta. thaamath wahianaw me wenakota.
echcharama thamai edaa ra unee. thun denaa thurulu welaa nidaa gaththa. aaaayeth thun denaagema paiyawal mool welaa thibunata api mokuth kale naha.
edaama witharai mata aiyale dennath ekka sex karanna labune. mokada api eeta passe apee appchchige gamata giya. ehe padinchiyata. aiyalath boodim maaru karala. kagenwath a gana ahannawath bari nisaa mama nikan hitiya.
onna ohomai a siddiya unee. dan mama inne germanye. mage kathaawa jaraawak unath hoda unath oyaala mata mail karanna. eeka mata wechcha aththama siddiyak. mage mail id eka pragaathkathsuri@yahoo.de

Blue Paththare.......By Shaanu.1993

Iskole niwaduwata gedarata wela inna kota matath hithuna mage athdekimakuth oyalath ekka beda ganna. Meka une mita avurudu 3 kata kalin. E kiyanne ethakota mama 10 wasare. Mama school yanne Horana famous college ekakata. E dawas wala mage class eke fit eka thamai Udara. Uth man wagema sudui. Api dennatama slim bodies thamai thibune. Ethakota ithin hadigene ena wayasane. Habei u mata wada tikak withara usai. Ithin class ekedith api denna eka lagama thama wadi wealth hitiye. E dawas wala apita sex dewal gena mara interest ekak thamai thibune. E dewal gena e dawas wala uth ekka thamai mama katha karanne.

 Aththama kiyanawanam api dennama e wenakota blue film ekak wath balala thibune nehe. College ekedi api denna sex gena godak dewal katha kala. Eth ewa api katha kale class eke anith kollanta horen. E katha baha api athare witharak seema karaganna api waga bala gaththa. Udaratai matai e dawas wala loku asawak thibuna blue film ekak balanna. Class eke samahara kollo blue film balala awith ewa gena kiyanakota apita inna be. Ewa ahagena idala gedara awith ithin athe gahana eka thamai kale. Blue Films hoya ganna puluwankama thibunath ewa balanna apita place ekak thibuneth nehe.
Mehema innakota dawasak Udaraya kiwwa “machan mama adunana aiya kenek laga blue paththara wagayak thiyenawa” kiyala. “Ehenanm uba kohoma hari illaganinko ban” mamath ekaparatama uta kiwwa. “Ane ban mata lajjai e ayyagen owa illanna” Udaraya wadeta passa gahuwa. Mata mulin kiyanna amathaka unane. Udaraya hena lajja karaya. “Monada ban uba e ayyagen paththarayak shape eke illa ganinko. Awulak nehene ban e ayya ape college eketh noweine. U katawath kiyana ekak Ne”. Mata den mara asai Udaraya kiyapu ayyagen blue paththara illagena balanna. “Mata ada hawasata bus ekedi e ayyawa meet wenawa. Mama kohomahari illaganna balannamko” Udaratath dan wadeta godak asa hithila. Blue paththara gena Udaraya kiyapu welawe idala mage malliya sarin sare ekasiya ganata kelin wenawa.

Onna ithin ilaga dawase Udaraya college apu gamanma mage lagata duwagena awith mawa adagena paththkata giya. “Machan wade hari. Mata ara ayya dan enakota paththarayak dunna” Udaraya kiyagena giya. “Ko ban ko. Ganinnko ithin. Koheda thiyenne bag ekeda” mata dan ispasuwak ne eka balanakal. “Ne ban mama eka hatharata nawala sakkuwe da gaththa. Meka mehema sakkuwe dagena inna be. Katahari mattu unoth idala iwarai. Mekata mokada karanne ban” Udaraya tikak bayawela kiyawagena giya. Dan ithin meka sakkuwe dagena college eka arenakal innath behene. E gamana mama Udarayawath adagena toilet thibunu paththata giya. E dawas wala college eke toilet thibba thena kesel paduru godak wawala thibuna. Thawa habarala gas godakuth thibuna. Eka nisa ethana wadiya katawath penne nehe. Mama Udarayath ekka toilet ekata yanakota hoda welawata kauruth ethan hitiye nehe. College eka patan gannath thawa wela thibba hinda wadiya lamai awilla hitiyeth nehe e welawa wenakota. Toilet eka hadala thibune keepa denekuta eka para athule idan hitagena chuu karanna puluwan widiyata. Api dennama toilet eka athulata giya. “Dan ithin oka tak gala ganinko” mata iwasillak ne. Udaraya hathrata nawala sakkuwe dagena hitapu blue paththare eliyata gaththa. Eke nama “Yahana”. Heluwen inna kellek kollekge mol gahak wage thiyena kelin wechcha pollak kate dagena urana photo ekak mul pituwe thubuna. “Podi size baduba. Balapanko ban. Ali pollak wage” Udaraya eka dakala kiwwa. “Ikmanata oka pellawanko. Kawuru hari awoth” mata asawai bayai dekama thibuna. Paththare pitu 20 withara thibuna. E hama pituwakama kello kollo heluwen badu gahana photos ekka katha godak dala thibuna. E samahara pituwala loku pallam wagekuth thibuna. Kawuruhari meka balapu ekek paththaretama athe gahala badu widala. Blue paththare balala mata dan ekasiya ganata polla kelin wela. Kalisama athule eheta meheta dagalanawa. Mama hemin sare shape eke Udarayage kalisama diha baluwa. Polla thiyena hariye kalisama tikak issila. Mama eka paratama mage atha issarahata dala udarayage polla kalisamata pitin mirikuwa. Kosu mitak wage kelin wela thibba Udarayage polla mage athata ahu una. Mama eka paratama uge polla mirikai kiyala u balaporoththu une nehe. Udaraya eka paratama passata panna. “Ado ubata negala neda. Podi size bandayak nemei neda ubatath thiyenne. Mol gahak wage ekakne mage athata ahu une” mama hina wewi kiwwa. Udarayawa lajjawen rathu wela. Uth eka paratama uge atha issarahata dala mage polla kalisamata pitin mirikuwa. “Ai mage witharada. Me ubeth negala thiyenne mol gahak wage” Udaraya mage polla alluwa witharai mata mara fun ekak awilla mage polla pupuranda wage kelin wenawa mata danuna. “ Me me methane wikara karanna be. Meka kohe hari hanga ganna one ban”. Ehema kiyapu mama blue paththare hatharata nawala mage kalisame ship eka erala mage joka assata da gaththa. “Dan Awulak ne. Katawath hoyanna bene”. Api denna ayeth class room thiyena paththata giya.

College eka patan gaththa welawe idalath api dennagema sihiya thibune blue paththare gena. Udaraya eka illagena awith thibune hawasata apahu dena poronduwa pita. Itath wada kochchara asawa thibunath eka gedara aragena yanna api dennama baya una. “Machan api meka ballene kohomada. Hawasata apahu aruta dennath onane” Udaraya sarin sare magen ahanawa. Api toilet ekedi paththare hariyata baluwe nehene. Bayen bayen pitu peralagena giya witharane. Mamath dan bokkenma kalpana kala meka balanna yanne kohatada kiyala. Ohoma kalpana karanakota ekaparatama mata sira place ekak oluwata awa. “ Ado machan sira pot ekak thiyenawa. Habei machan ada hawasa class cut karanna wenawa. Awulak nedda” mama Udarayagen ahuwa. “Ada witharane ban. Avulak ne. Koheda place eka thiyenne ban” Udaraya wadeta eka pain kamathi una. “Uba warenko math ekka” mama hina wewi kiwwa.
Onna ithin hawasa 2ta college eka iwara una. Udarayai mamai anith kollanwa cut karala Horana town eka paththata awidagena giya. Eda hawasa yanna thibune Science class ekata. Api denna cool spot ekakata gihin Milo kiri packet dekakuth bila ayemath eliyala awa. “Machan pot eka tiyena dihawata tikak dura pain yanna one” ehema kiyala mama Udarayath ekka Colombo yana paththata main road eka dige awidagena awa. Medi help ekath pahu karagena api main road eka dige awidagena giya. Me pot eka thibune mama yana Maths class eka kittuwama. Class giyapuwama samaharadata kolloth ekka mama ethanata yanawa chuu karanna. Habei Udaraya e pot eka danne nehe. Mokada u giye mama yana Maths class ekata nowei. Api main road eken wamata harila Maths class eka thiyena paththata giya. Maths class thibune athuru paraka thiyena gedaraka. Api e gedarath pahu karagena issarahata giya. E para iwara une podi kelewak wage thanakin. Para iwara wena thana kos gas wawila ethanin ehata yannath be kambi gahala. Api wenadata chuu karanna enne me kambi weta ainata thamai. Kambi waten ehata thibune kelewa wewichcha idamak. “ Machan meka thamai pot eka. Kambi waten panala kale athulata yamu ikmanata” mama ehema kiyala kambi potawal dekak depaththata adda. Udaraya ethanin eha paththata panna. Ita passe Udara kambi dekak ath karala allapuwama mamath ethanin athulata panna. Kale athulata yanna api hithapu tharam lesi une nehe. Hama thanama gas wal wavila. Itath wada api dennama sudu school uniform pitin. School bags pite ellagena. Mamai Udarai kale paduru athin eheta meta kara kara wel yatin ringa ringa kele athulata tikak dura giya. Ehema gihilla api denna eka thanaka nawathuna. Ethana tikak loku gahak thibune. E gaha wateta tikak loku mul wihidila thibuna. “kohomada machan pot eka sira neda” school bag eka galawala gahe mulak udin thiyana gaman mama Udarayagen ahuwa. “Pot eka nam ela machan. Baduwak Gahanna nam sirama pot eka. Kawuruwath ena ekak ne neda machan” Udarayath wata pita bala bala bag eka galawala mulak udin thibba. “Machan mata nam hena hujja barai” ehema kiyapu Udaraya tikak ehata gihilla chuu karanna gaththa. Matath lawata wage chuu barak thibba nisa mamath Udaraya chuu karana kittuwata gihin chuu karanna gaththa. Ita kalin mama joka asse dagena hitapa blue pathathare ethanin aragena sakkuwe oba gaththa. Mamai Udarayai dan peliyata hitagena chuu karanawa. Mama chuu karana gaman himihita Udarayage diha baluwa. Uge pollen chora chora gala chuu parak polawata widinawa. “Ado ube ange hatiyata newei chuu para” mama hina wewi uta kiwwa. “Ane palayan ban yanna. Ubeth ehemane” Udarayata lajja hithilada koheda kiyawagena giya. Chuu karala iwara karapu Udaraya uge polla dethun parak gasala apahu joka assata dagaththa. Ethakota yanthamata wage uge polla mama dakka. First time mama uge polla dakke eda e welawe thamai. Eth yanthamata wage. Mamath chuu karala iwara wela polla gasala apahu joka athulata obagena gaha lagata apahu awa. Mama enakota Udaraya gahe mulak udin lensuwa elagena wadi wela hitiya. “Ko ban paththare. Ganinko ikmanata” Udarayata mara hadissiyak thibune. Mamath Udaraya hitapu thaninma lensuwa dagena wadi wela mage kalisam sakkuwe dagena hitapu blue paththare adala gaththa.

Onna ithin api dennama rasa kara kara blue paththare thibunu stories ekin eka kiyawagena giya. Ewaye thibune mara athal stories tikak. Ewatama galapena colour photos ehemath thanin thena dala thibuna. Mage malliyath dan hodatama kelinwela kalisama iragena eliyata enna wage dagalanawa. “Machan me balapanko me kapiriyage polle size eka. Huthu palanna puluwan.” Udaraya photo ekaka hitapu kapiriyekwa pennala pudumayen wage kiwwa. “Ubeth oya wage lokuwata athi neda ban. Mata ude toilet ekedi athata ahu unane oka” mama ude wechcha seen eka mathak wela uta kiwwa. Mage kelin wechcha pollen love juice galanawa wage mata dan therenawa. Mata dan nam iwasala innama behe. Kohomahari vinadi 45kin withara Udarayai mamai blue paththare thibba stories tika eka husmata kiyawala iwara kala. “Api dan yamuda ban” Udaraya paththare dekata namana gaman ahuwa. “Danma giyoth wela wadi ban. Api class arena time eka allala apahu yamu” class iwarawena time ekata thawath payak withara thibba nisa mama Udarayata kiwwa. Eth ithin echchara wela iwasagena inne kohomada. Mage polla ekasiya ganata kelin wela. Mata nam ikamanatama athe parak gahala badu yawanna one kama thibba. Eth ithin Udarayath innawane. Udaraya ithin mage fit ekane. Muwath set karagenama wedeta bassanam hodai kiyala mata hithuna. “Machan Udara. Mata nam dan hodatama negala ban. Inna be ban. Ubeth negalada” mama kalisamata udin mage polla mirikana gaman kiwwa. “Ow ban mageth nahutheta negala” uth himihita wage kiwwa. “Machan Udarayo mehema nam apahu yanna be ban. Polla kelin karagena bus eke wath yanne kohomada. Api athe parak gahalama yamuda ban” mama Udaragen ahuwa. “Ubata pissuda ban. Nondine” u ehema kiwwata utath dan iwasan innama be kiyala mata theruna. Udaraya hena lajja karayane. Eth thawa tikak try koloth uwa wadeta set karaganna puluwan bawa mata theruna. “Alulak ne ban. Kawuruth enneth nehene. Api athe parak gahalama yamuko ban” mama dan uwa set karaganna full gema. Hathara pas parakma mama Udarayata ehema kiwwa. “Ehenam uba methana idan gahapan. Mama athana idan gahannam” Udaraya tikak ehata wenna thibba paduru walin wata wechcha thanak pennala kiwwa. “Ehema wedak ne ban. Api set wela eka thanaka idan gahamu. Athal ekane ban.” mama ayeth Udarayata kiwwa. “Be ban ubath ekka. Ehenam athenta yamanko” Udaraya anthimata wadeta tikak kamathi una. Ita passe api dennama api hitapu thanata tikak ehain thibba paduru walin watawechcha thanata giya. Gihilla api denna eka laga peliyata hita gaththa. “Uba mulinma ube eka eliyata ganinko” Udaraya kiwwa. Mata dan mara athal. Mokada Udarayath wadeta kemathi unane. Mama mage school kalisame button eka galawala ship eka arala kalisama tikak pahalata kala. Ita passe adagena hitapu jokawa tikak path karala mage kelin wela thibba polla eliyata adala gaththa. Mage topage kona hodatama theth wela thibune. Eth mama eka mage eka athakin puluwan tharam wahagena hitiye. “Mama nam gaththa. Dan Ubath oka eliyata ganinko” mama kiwwa. E gamana Udarayath uge ship eka arala uge polla eliyata adala gaththa. Eth uth eka athin wahagena hitapu nisa mata eka hariyatama penune nehe. Mata dan Udarayage polla koi wageda kiyala balana kal iwasumak nehe. “Ube topa gahilada ban. Mage nam topath gahila ban. Oka tikak pennapanko” mama kiwwa. E kale wenakotath mage topa sampurnayenma gahilai thibune. “Mage nam topa gahila ne ban thama. Issella ube eka pennapanko” u mage dihata harila kiwwa. Dan ithin kohomath ekane. Mama adan hitapu jokawa thawa tikak pahalata karala mage sudu shirt ekai baniyamai udata issuwa. “Ado… podi size baduwa. Mara bandayakne ban ubata thiyenne. Kohomada ban uba oka ochchara loku kara gaththe” Udaraya pudumen wage mage kelinwela thibba polla diha balagena ahuwa. Mage polla kelin unama 7 inch withara thibuna e dawas walath. Tikak mahathai. Topath pini jambu gediyak wage lokuwata thibuna. Gedaradi kannadiya issarahata gihilla mage kelin wechcha polla diha balapu hama welawakama mata hithune mage ange hatiyata polla nam godak lokui kiyalai. Udaraya eka digatama mage polla diha pudumen wage balagena hitiya. E athare mama agili dekakin polla allgena bageta gahila thibunu topage hama sampurnayenma pitipassata karala Udarayata pennuwa. Mage topagen love juice berenawa. “Ado… pol topekne ube thiyenne” Udaraya thawath kiyagena giya. “Hari hari ban… Dan ithin mage bande ubata pennuwane. Dan ube ekath mata pennapanko” mama mage pollath mirika mirika Udaraya dihawata haruna. Udrayath wata pita balala mechchara wela athin wahagena hitapu uge polla mata pennuwa. “Oya ubatath thiyenne pol ulak wage bandayak” mama uge polla diha balagena kiwwa. Udarayage polla mage eka tharam diga nehe. Mage pollata wada uge eka kalui. Eke topa poddak wath gahila thibune nehe. Agisssen hini unata mula hariya mage ekatath wadiya mahathai. “Machan ube topa gahila nadda. Poddak passata karapanko” mama ehema kiwwama Udaraya angili dekakin uge topage pera sama pitipassata karanna haduwa. Eth topa gahune poddai. “Be ban ridenawa” Udaraya ehema kiyala apahu topage pera sama issarahata kara gaththa. “kalisama thawa tikak pahalata karala shirt eka tikak ussaganin” mama ehema kiyapuwahama Udarayath kalisama danahisa lagatama path karala shirt eka issuwa. Dan api dennama kalisanui jokkui danahisa lagata wenakan path karagena shirt ussagena inna nisa dannata denna hodata penawa. Dennagema polu deka dan kelin wela anshaka anuwatama. Udarayage pollata udin mavil busiyak wage hodata wawila thibune. Mage echchara mavil wawila thibune nehe e wenakota. Udarayage polla hari kelin thibunata mage polla kelawarin tikak wamata namila thiyenne. “Mokada ban ube polla ada wela thiyenne” Udaraya nondiyata wage ahuwa. “Nawila thiyenne diga wadi hinda ban. Balapanko kohomada mage bande. Gahanna puluwan palenna” mama mage pollath wana wana kiwwa. “Eka nowei mokada ban ube eta deka ellenne. Labba behelada” mama ahuwe Udarayage pollata yatin ellena eta deka diha balagena. Udarayage eta deka mage eta dekata wada tikak lokui. Eka tikak pahalata ellila wage thibune. Mage eta deka bolayak wage polle mulatama guli wela thibune. “Udarayo aththatama ube polla kochchara digada ban” mama ahawwa. “Mama diga menala nehe ban” u ehema kiwwa. “Ehenam idapanko” kiyapu mama ape school bag thibba thanata gihilla mage bag eken adi rula aragena awa. “Ko allapanko balanna” mama Udarayage kelin wechcha polla udin adi rula thiyala diga menna. Udarayage polla hariyatama 5.3 inch thibba. Eke diga manina kota uge polla mage athe keepa sarayakma waduna. Eka allala balanna asa hithunath Udaraya upset yawi kiyala mama ehema kale nehe. “Ubeth manapanko” Udaraya kiwwa nisa mama mage kelin wechcha polla udin adi rula thiyala uta pennuwa. “Ado… 7.1 inch thiyenawa. Mama hithanne ape panthiye kollangen digama polla aththe ubata wenna athi. Kelin unama oka maha minihekge wage thiyanawane. Ado matath kiyapanko oka ochchara loku karagaththe kohomada kiyala” Udaraya mage diha balagena kiyawagena giya. Ai ithin e wenakota ape wayasath avurudu 15wai ne. E wenakota mage polla nam aththatama mage wayasatath wada lokuwata hadila thibuna bawa matath theruna. Eth ithin deiyo dipu pollane. “Ubath puluwan tharam athe gahapan. Ethakota ube ekath me wage loku wewi.

Ha…ha… ewain wedak ne. Dan ithin gahanna patan gamu.” Mama ehema kiyala mage athata kela tikak aragena topage wate ga gaththa. Mage topa rosa patata pupuranna wage pimbila dilisenawa. Dan Udarayai mamai athe gahanna patan gaththa. Api eka paratama haiyen athe gahanna giye ne. Tikak himin himin thamai athe gahanna patan gaththe. Mama athe gahuwe Udaraya athe gahana dihawa balagena. Udarayath man athe gahana dihawa balagena athe gahanawa ekasiya ganata. Api denna vinadi 5 k withara me widiyata athe gahuwa.
“Machan Udara… api maru karagena athe gahamuda” mama me athare Udarayagen ahuwa. Tikak adi madi karapu Udaraya anthimata ekatath kemathi una. Mama Udarayage issarahata gihin uge nahutheta kelin wela thibba polla mage athin allagaththa. Eda thamai first time mama wena kenekuge pollak mage athin alluwe. Eka yakadayak wage haiyai. E welawe eka hodata rath wela thibune. Mama Udarayage polla himin sare atha ganna patan gaththa. Uge polla hodata mage athin massage karanawa wage atha gewa. E athare anith athin Udarayage Pollata udin thibba mavil rodawal piri madda. Ita passe Pollata yatin elli elli thibba eta dekath mage athin soft widiyata atha ganna gaththa. Mama me vidiyata Udarayage pollai eta dekai atha ganna patan gaththath u thama ehemama balagena innnawa kisi deyak nokara. “Machan… ubath mage eka me vidiyata atha gapanko” mama kiwwe u mokuth nokara balan hitapu nisa. Ita passe Udarayath mage pol ulak wage ekasiya ganata kelin wela thibba polla uge athin allagena himihita mata athe gassanna patan gaththa. E athare uge anith athen mage eta dekath atha gewa. Api dennata denna me vidiyata tikak wela ape polu deka athaga gaththa. Mata nam Udaraya mage polla atha gana kota mara athal ekak danune. Api denna athal eka wadi kamata tikak haiyan husma ganna sadde pawa api dennata ahuna. E athare mama mage polla Udarayage polle athullanna gaththa. Mage polla mulinma Udarayage polle gewunu gaman mata nikan current eka waduna wage una. E wade mara athal. Mama ape polu deka ekata thiyala mirika gaththa. Ape thoppi wala kelawarawal ekata thiyala athulla gathatha. Udarayatath mara athal dan. Api dennagema polu walin love juice berenawa hodatama. Uth dan mama karana onema dekata ohe digena innawa. Mama ape polu deka ekata thiyala thada karagena athe gahanna gaththa. “Machan… mata nam dan yanna wage” Udaraya mage diha balala kiwwe uta me athal eka uparimenma danila thibunu hinda. “Danma yawanna epa ban” kiyapu mama athe gahilla nawaththuwa.

“Machan… mata asai ube polla uarala balanna. Ubata avulak ne neda” mama ehema ahuwe mata aththatama Udarayage polla kata athulata aragena urala balanna asawak athiuna hindai. “Meka wash karala nehene ban” Udaraya kiwwe e wadetath uge akamaththak nathi nisa. Mama apahu ape bags thibba thenata gihilla mage bag eken wathura bottle eka aragena awa. Bottle eke mudiya arapu mama eken wathura wakkarala Udarayage polle pera sama puluwan tharam piti passata karala eka hodata wash kala. Ita passe mage pollath hodata wathura dala wash kara gaththa.
Ita passé mama Udarayage kakul deka laga dana namagena inda gaththa. Dan mama jiwithe mulma wathawata pollak mage kata athulatata gannai hadanne. Mama mulinma Udarayage polla mage thol walin kiss kala. Ita passé mage diwen topawa himihita lewa kewa. Tikak wela ehema karapu mama Udarayage topawa mage kata athulata aragena diwen surathal kala. Udaraya dan hemihita kendiri ganawa. Uta mama katata ganna eka hodata feel wela wage. Me athare mama uge polla mage kata athule thiyagena suppu karanna patan gaththa. Uge polla mage kata purola ekai. Mamath puluwan tharam mage kata athulata uge polla obagena hodata iruwa. Ethakota nam Udarayata inna bari una. U uge ath dekin mage oluwa badagena dagalanna gaththa. E dawas wala ithin polla urana techniques monawath danne nehene. Itath wada first time ne. Eka hinda mata hithunu hithunu widiyata Udarayage polla ura biwwa. Udarayage polla dan hodatama hard wela. Topage thol deka assen love juice galanawa. Mama ewa serama mage diwen lewa kala ura biwwa. E athare uge pitipassata mage ath deka dala uge thattam deka mirikuwa. Udarayage gala mara sudui. Mavil poddak wath vawila thibbe ne e dawas wala. Mama uge gal dekath mage thol walin kiss karala diwen lewa kewa. Ita passe pollata yatin elli elli tibuna eta dekath mage diwen lewa kala ura biwwa. Uge eta deka nam eka parata mage kata athulata ganna une nehe. E mokada Udarayage eta deka nam tikak lokuwata thibuna. “Machan dan nam mata innama be. Ah….ah…mmm…” Udaraya pissuwen wage kiyawana gaman Kediri ganawa. Uta man dena fun eka uparimayenma feel wenawa wage. “Machan… dan mage ekath tikak uarapanko” Udarayage polla katin ahakata aragena mama uta kiwwa.

E gamana Udaraya mage laga dana haga gaththa. U mage polla uranna gaththe amuthuma widiyakata. Mage topage pera sama passata halala uge diwa mage topage dare wate aragena giya. Uge diwa mage topage gawena kota mata current eka wadinawa wage danuna. Tika welawak topage diwa gapu Udaraya ita passe mage topawa witharak kata athulata aragena uranna gaththa. Mage pol topa uge katin ekai. Ethakota nam mata poddak wath iwasagena inna bari una. Mama Kediri gaga Udarayage oluwa mage ath dekin bada gena atha ganna patan gaththa. Mage topage thol deke tikak ath karapu Udaraya topage thol deka madde thiyena hilata uge diwa dala lewa kewa. “Machan… mata inna be. Mmm…ahh…ahh… Hoda kolla wage mage eka kata athulatama aran urapanko” mama kediri gaga Udarayata kiwwa. Udarayath mage polla puluwan tharam uge kata athulata aragena ura biwwa. Eth mage polla diga nisa mulu pollama uta katata ganna puluwan une nehe. E athare u mage eta deka athin mirikuwa. Mage eta dekath sarin sare kata athulata aragena hodata iruwa. Udaraya dena athal eka mata sirawatama feel una. Mamath Kediri gaga as deka piyagena Udaraya mage pollata dena athal eka winda gaththa. Tika welawak yanakota athal eka wadi kamata mata badu yanna enawa wage mata danuna. Mama tak gala Udarayage katin mage polla adala eliyata gaththa. Api dan me vidiyata athal ganna aran peya bagayak withara athi.

“Machan mata nam dan yanna wage. Badu load eka kata laga thiyenne” mama ehema kiwwe mage topawa athin thada karagena. “Matath ehema thamai ban. Mageth kata lagatama avilla thiyenne” Udarayath kiwwa. “Ehenam mama mulinma ube athe gassala badu yawannam” ehema kiyala mama Udarayata thawa tikak kittu wela mage eka athak uge ina wate damma. Dan Udaraya mage agata thurulu wela wage inne. Anith athata kela tikak aran uge polla watetama hogata gewa. Ita passe mama uge polla mage athin allagena athe gassanna patan gaththa. E gamanma mama uta shirt eka tikak ussann kiyala uge nippe ekak mage thol dekin himihita iruwa. Udaraya dan hodatama Kediri ganawa. Uta melo sihiyak ne. Uge eka athakin mage kelin wechcha polla allagena mirikanawa. Mahema vinadi dekakwath athe gassanna hamba une nehe “Machan mata badu yanawa. Ah…ah… ah…mmm…mmm…” Udaraya eka digata tikak haiyen kediri gana gaman kiwwa. Udarayage polla yakadayak wage nahutheta hard wenawa mage athata danuna. E ekkama u mage polla thada karala mirika gaththa. Mamath uta athe gassana wegaya wadi kala. “Ah…ah…ah…mmm….mmm…ahh…ahhh….” eka paratama Udarayage pollen badu berenna gaththa. Udarayage polla dige galagena apu unusum badu load ekakma bimata beruna. Sudu patai. Uta badu godak giya. Eda thamai mama wena kenekuge badu first time dakke. Mage atheth uge badu gewuna. Mamath anthima binduwa wenakalma badu yanakal Udarayata athe gassuwa. “Ahh…ahh… Athi ban athi…” ehema kiyapu Udaraya uge polla mage athin ahakata gaththa. Mama mage athe gewila thibunu uge badu mage nahayata lan karala suwanda baluwa. Hariyata weralu mal suwanda wage suwandak mage nahayata danuna mata ada wage mathakai.

Matath dan ekasiya ganata mol wela. “Machan… dan megeth gahala badu yawapan” mama Udarayata kiwwa. Mama mage athak uge ina wate dala uwa bada gaththa. Udaraya dekata nevila mage polla uge katata dagena apahu iruwa. Mage polle hodata kela gapu Udaraya mata athe gassanna patan gaththa. “Mmm…mmm…ahh…ahhh…” matath dan kediri gewenawa. Udarayath athe gahana wegaya tiken tika wadi kala. Mama udarayawa thawath thadin bada gaththa. Vinadi deka thunak giye ne mage polla nuhutheta hard wenawa mata theruna. “Machan… mata yanawa. Mmm…ahhh…ahhh…ahhh…” mage anga rath wela amuthuma athal ekak mulu anga purama pathirila yanawa mata danuna. Eth ekkama mage polla dethun parak gassila polla dige galagena apu badu load eka hathara pas parak adi thuna hatharak issarahata widda. Suduma sudu patai. Mee kiri wage ukui. Kawadawath nogiya tharam badu godak e welawe mage pollen eliyata widda. Badu issarahata widala iwara unata passéth keepa sarayakma badu bimatath beruna. Mata man ganama puduma hithuna mechchara badu godak mage ange thubunada kiyala. E mokada ita kalin dawase night eketh gedaradi mama athe gahala hitiye. “Ubata mara badu load ekakne giye ban” ehema kiyapu Udaraya mage polla atha arinnema nethuwa badu okkoma tika yana kalma mata athe gassuwa. “Mara saneepai ban angata. Mata nam mara athal ekak awe.” mama Udarayata kiwwe hina wewi. Dan ithin api dennatama tikak mahansi athe gahala. Ape polu deka thamath bageta wage kelin wechcha gaman thibune. Ape thoppi wala hil walin thamath badu bindu bindu eliyata galanawa. Api ape lensu walin polu deka pihadagena kalisam anda gaththa. Mama athe thibba watch eken welawa baluwa. Welawa 4.10 ta vithara wela thibba. Class iwara wena time eka 4.30.

“Machan… Dan api yamuda. Danama giyoth ganata welawata town ekata yanna puluwan” school bag eka pite ella ganna gaman Udara kiwwa. Mamath school bag eka pite ella gaththa. Ita passé mama Udarayata lan una. Mama mage eka athak uge kara wate dala uwa mage lagata adala gaththa. “Machan… Ubata avulak ne neda kollo. Uba ithin mage fit ekane” mama ehema kiyala Udarayawa mage angata thada kara gaththa. “Ne ban avulak ne. Matath mara athal ekak awe” Udarayath hina wewi kiwwa. Ita passé api dennama kele athulen eliyata avith wata pita balala kambi waten penala shape eke main road ekata avidagena awa. Ita passé Horana town ekata wenakal avith mama gedara yanna bus ekata negga. Udaraya town eke nawathuna blue paththare apahu return karanna ona nisa. Eda gedara avillath mama apahu deparakma athe gahuwa. Thibba athal ekata mata badu vidda kawadawath nogiya tharam.
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